Seroma how long does this last please?

I have just come out of hospital a week ago ,so had op only 2 weeks ago! my new breast is swollen and hard, and painful still feels really heavy but know its only 2 weeks, also my back and underarm hurt like mad,again to be expected!But this seroma after L/D flap re construction is so awollen feels like a boob on my back ! well large mellon really.I have had it drained twice and having it drained again tomorrow as getting painful!Can anyone shed some light on these problems please ,just so as i can be reassued abit ,thanks love julierose

It has been 9 days since I had the same operation as you Julie_Rose, and I am experiencing pretty much the same symptoms. I must admit, I wasn’t expecting quite so much discomfort and pain or this awful seroma. The doctors are pretty vague about it when I ask and really I haven’t been able to get much sense out of them as to how long it will last.
Mine is to the side of my new rock hard boob (expander) and apart from feeling tender and uncomfortable, it makes horrible slooshing noises like a hot water bottle when pressed!
They do not seem very keen to drain it at my hospital and just tell me it will be absorbed.

I haven’t been much help I know, but you may find it reassuring to know that there is at least one other person feeling the same way.

hi both had my op same as you 9 days ago got discharged frm hosp yesterday complete with drains left in …going back to ward tmorrow to have them removed …cant see that much swelling at he mo very sore and uncomfortable but not as bad as I imagined …sure it will get better with time its early days for all of us xxxxxx

I am further on than you had mine drained 6 times! it does settle down with time but its a little bugger!!! lol I had bi lateral masectomy in nov still having blow ups! Wat I suggest that really actually worked with my seroma was cabbage leaves… we are all told this by midwifes I did the same as i was completely fed up with going up and down every few days to hospital!! it worked for me -give it a try! Place a leaf inside your bra for the day- replace at evening… best to store the biggest leaves in fridge. it worked for me… please try… know how u r feeling
keep smiling huge hug
m xxx


My seroma is down my back,where they took tissues muscles from, but also boob too abit. Its sort of just above my waist and a lump that hurts to sleep on!But will try cabbage leaves but not sure how can put them there, thanks thoughxx julie

It has been 16 days since my LD flap and I still have the drain in my back. This seems a long time to still have the drain but it is still producing about 60ml of liquidy stuff every 24 hours. I suppose it is better for this to drain out than to stay inside and have to be aspirated but this does seem a long time to have the drain in. Anyone else experienced this?

I have actually resorted to the cabbage leaves in desperation now, although I will refrain from mentioning it to my consultant tomorrow!

I love the idea of the cabbage leaves - I must give this a try!
I have been having an abdominal seroma drained since last October after a tram flap recon last august. It is now down to a small amount every 4 weeks but they feel it is best to drain it or the layers of muscle won’t knit together. There seems (as ever) to be as many different opinions as there are surgeons…
I feel more comfortable to be having it monitored and drained under ultra sound than just being left with the hope that it will be absorbed.
Good luck with the cabbages…

hi all 16 days post op …had drains in for 14 days …bit of swelling going on …how long do yu leave it before letting the bc nurse know got an appt next tuesday …ok to leave it till then …annoying and uncomfortble but nothing more is this normalxxxx