Seroma post op

I had a Wide local excision, lymph node clearance and breast reduction 12 days ago. My axilla drain was removed last saturday and i developed a seroma virtually straight away. It was drained in clinic on weds - 460mls, and again today (fri) 300mls and i can feel it filling up again. I’m going to the BCN on monday to have it drained again but am worried it will need doing on sunday! All wounds are healing fine, and surgeon has done a fantastic job.
Is there anything i can do to stop the seroma forming??

Hi simmyjo

Please call our helpliners for more support and information about managing a seroma, BCC have also published a booklet about surgery and recovery which contains some information about seromas, you can read it via this link:

The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes

I don’t think there’s anything yu can do to stop it re-accumilating, but be assured it will stop eventualy.

I had mine drained alternate days for almost a month … mostly it was about 300-400mls, then one day it just stopped!


Yes, I think the enormal pattern is that is just tails off, although obviously at different rates for different people. After my drains were removed, I had to have 360mls taken off the first time, then 110ml a few days later and 70ml 2 days ago, and have been told I shouldn’t need to be drained again now.

Good luck, and hope it is not too sore,

i had seromas on my back post ld recon and like you would panic over the weekend that there would be sooo much fluid i would burst! My BCN assured me that however big it got not to panic and not to go to A and E as the back and armpit can hold over a litre of seroma fluid (well thats the most shes drained off in one go!) so just hang in there. It can go on for several weeks but will eventually stop.

I had my surgery in Oct and Nov last year and my seroma under my armpit is up and down like a yo yo! never yet been drained but I thought by now it should have settled down but apparently it can take quite some time before they go completely but my nurse sister in law says they’re are good things as they contain the healing fluid that we need, so although it’s uncomfortable i don’t think it’s harmful!
Best of luck
Jo x

Thanks all,
I lasted the weekend! Had 280 mls drained off again today… hopeing it stops soon!!

I had my surgery on Jan 30, and the same thing has happened, everything else is healing fine, but got a boil under my arm, it’s not that big, but a bit painful. The surgeon says they wont drain it as everything is going so well, and that draining sometimes causes infections and that it will go away eventually. It makes sleeping even more uncomfortable though as I also had a DIEP reconstruction.

good news - seroma finally gone!! Had just 18mls drained yesterday so hopefully thats the last i’ll see of the blighter!!