Seroma Pouring out of wound

Hi Everyone


I had a lumpectomy and full node clearance on 14.4.2015 and i was fine at first but this weekend my world has turned full circle and i am now quite distressed.


On Friday i decided to walk for about 45 minutes as i left hospital where i was told i had a heamotoma under my right arm after the operation and told to come back next Tuesday.  As it was a lovely day and i felt the excercise would do me good but one hour after getting home my right arm and hand suddenly swelled up and was very painfull and frightening so i went to bed and raised my arm.


On Saturday it was better and the swelling had gone down however i still remained in and out of bed with my arm raised believing that more rest would be good for my arm.


This morning i was woken by what felt like a tap of water flowing from my underarm wound socking my nightie and bed clothes.


I have put on a new dressing and the wound is still leaking but not pouring anymore.


I don’t know whether i should go to A&E or wait until tomorrow and go back to my breast cancer nurse.


Please has anyone else had this experience



My experience and the advice given me,was,either return to the ward,or wait till tomorrow and call BCN …take care

I had same thing and called my surgeon. She met me at hospital within the hour to check and redress the wound. Keep it sterile.

Hi just want to provide an update. I went to the hospital this morning and i was told that it was very good that the seroma came out like it did and should it happen again i should just have the wound checked after to make sure no infection.

It is very frightening when it happens but it is all good and my wound is healing better as a result.

Bless all you lovely ladies on here for your posts which have helped and supported me greatly.