Hi can anyone please tell me long seroma has lasted after reconstruction. I only had it for a month after my first reconsrtruction but had my second reconstruction in Nov 08 and i am still getting it. I had it last drained (3rd time) 2 weeks ago and it feels like its ready for doing again. Anyone else had this problem.
Many thanks
Sandra x x x

Hi - where is your seroma? Tummy or breast? I have one in my tummy which needs drained every 3 or 4 weeks after tram flap last August - so it can go on for a bit I’m afraid!

hi thanks for replying. My seroma is in my lower back from having LD flap reconstruction. I have just read that the body usually absorbs the fluid within a month but that it can last up to a year. suppose i will just have to put up with it.
Many thanks

I returned to the dressings clinic about 10 days after surgery (LD flap) and pointed out to them a small area of fluid build-up just under the back wound. When I touched the area, it felt like a filled hot water bottle !!

The doctor said it was best to leave it alone (unless, of course, it worsened and became painful or uncomfortable) because (a) it would more than likely go away in due course, and (b) by aspirating it, there was the risk of infection.

I am pleased to report that it did not worsen and just went away of its own accord.

I had the back flap done in the 25th Feb ,so 2 weeks ago today,and my new boob hurts and is hard,and as to be expected my underarm and back hurts,BUT THIS SEROMA has been horrid,it was drained on fri .tues and needs doing again as really swollen<like a=“” hot=“” water=“” bottle i=“” wonder=“” how=“” long=“” this=“” lasts=“” as=“” driving=“” me=“” mad see=“” you=“” have=“” problems=“” toox p=“”> </like>

14 days post op after LD flap …seroma on my back like a big swooshing boob not painful just annoying …havent tried driving yet when is it ok to ??? and how long will I need to take off work as I sit all day …and I cant even manage that comfortbly at the mo … the good side is the recon boob (2nd attempt )although swollen …is looking pretty good at the mo got hosp tues so hope they can sort me out xx