Has anyone else had a seroma for over a year? It has been drainesd numerous times but is still producing about 150 mls evry 3 weeks. I have just seen the surgeon again and he is now talking about needing another surgery to clear out the haematoma and the seroma. My concern is that I have had radiotherapy and want to know how this will affect the healing. Will I also get another seroma after this next surgery or will it finally deal with this issue. Thank you  SuzyEB x


Oh Suzy, how gruelling for you.  I had a very small seroma for a year - although onc & BCN both said it was scar tissue. Saw BCN at first annual review, with my mammo due a couple of weeks later. She prodded this rock hard plum and said ‘oh that will hurt with your mammo’. Charming. I asked for an ultrasound, which was grudgingly given, which showed the small seroma. Able to get it drained (only 30ml) 2 days before mammo, so I fully appreciate how large and uncomfortable your seroma must be. Now coming up to my second mammo and wondering whether it’s going to be as painful as it was last year!! I do wonder what planet some of these professionals are on. SOrry I can’t help you with what you actually want to know, but hope someone else can, but sending you good wishes and hope it works out well for you. :catvery-happy:xxx

Hi Suzy & Ruth just seen your post about the seroma. Wishing you strength in dealing with that most frustrating problem. Hope you’re both happy & well xx

Ps I’ve currently got shingles & found out that the chemo has stripped my bones of minerals & I now have -3.5 osteoporosis in my spine. It literally never ends! You can spot me jumping up & down with weights on a vibration machine at the gym. I can see all the body builder blokes looking at me & thinking there goes the mad woman! Ruth hope your mum is ok. xx

Hi Bibi. Great to hear from you. I’m now part time at work after a little discussion with my boss. My lovely seroma is now encapsulated and the surgeon has been advised by Plastics and Onc not to operate due to Rxt damage. I’m ok with it now but it’s been a difficult time.
Sorry to hear about shingles. I found it very painful
when I had it. Hope you recover soon.
I also agree that chemo keeps raising horrible issues. I’ve a few problems after Rxt.
Great to hear from you.x

Suzy I don’t really know what encapsulated means exactly (other than its grown a capsule round it)…does that mean they can still drain it for you if necessary? Really pleased they gave in on part time in the end. I started back at college one day a week this week & will be working 2 x 4 hour shifts a week from next week. I don’t think I’ll get rich on the proceeds but it feels nice to be well enough to go back. xx

Hi Suzy, sorry to hear about your seroma. May the encapsulation works best for you. Good Luck!!

I’m very sorry to hear that, Suzy. It must be very frustrating. Putting up with the treatment is one thing, but accepting the long term complications/after effects is much harder. I know we should just be happy to be here, so I tend to try not to dwell on it… All the best for your appointments. xx

What’s fu? Might be being thick but can’t work it out! I have my 2 year mammogram on 7/6. Was hoping to avoid  becoming anxious, but now I have realised it’s about a week away, I seem to be permanently aware of it in the back of my mind.  Fortunately we get same day results at our place.  I don’t think I could stand the old ‘letter in the post’ routine.  Just writing that has made me think, was it only 2 years ago that we were care free members of society, the same as everyone else…seems more like 5 or 10 to me.  Happy bank hols xx

Hi I’ve had seroma for 6. Months since mastectomy/recon surgery. Drained several times seemed a bit better then had my dog ear removed and it’s here all over again and now with a large haematoma I know I can’t moan my cancer has been removed no chemo but I get very down waiting to feel better still !! And having to go back to work as can’t afford any more time off !

Pooryou Jes, must be super annoying to have it back. Hopefully it will go again in time x

Seroma----yes.  Two years after lumpectomy.  Pain, enlarged breast.  It was aspirated Aug.1, 2016 and again in November.  I feel it building up again.  My surgeon told me that any where between 25 and 40 percent has this problem.  Some eventually take care of them selves and other go on for a life time.  I do not plan to have any further surgery.  When it gets too bad I will go back and had a needle stuck in and draiined.

Dr. said if it had blood in it - it would be called a hematoma.  Fluid is yelowis, clear, no bacteria and no cance cells - so I am not worrying about it.  Side effects of Tam. is a wort problem.