Seroxat v Tamoxefin

Article in Daily Express today , I am worried as I take both.
Other than bothering my GP , any suggestions???

How interesting. Here’s the link.

Paroxetine, better known as Seroxat is the SSRI identified in the article. Bear in mind newspapers don’t always accurately report medical research reports. It still sent me to check on my meds - I take sertraline. It doesn’t seem to be the same type of SSRI identified as a risk in the article

Co-incidently, I started weaning myself off sertraline the other week as I relooked at all the SE’s and realised they were the same and more than the one’s listed for Tamoxofen so have decided one of them had to go!

Hello Corsa
I had read about this on another thread (‘When will I feel like me again?’), and decided to talk to my GP as I was taking seroxat and have started taking tamoxifen, and she checked it out and sure enough, found that there’s an issue. I started coming off seroxat last monday (1st) and had my last one last friday, which I know is a bit quick, but I am actually doing OK - a bit wobbly and crying easily, but the sky hasn’t fallen in!
I’m probably going to start on another anti depressant because I have a history of depression linked to hormones and I am seeing surgeon about ovary removal next week.
I think it is worth talking this over with your GP, but also having a look at the thread above - there is good, reliable info on it.
hope things go well
monica x

Hi Corsa, Georgibella and Monica.

Very interesting artical.Thankyou for that.

I have been on sertraline for three weeks now,and had to go back to the doctors yesterday with really bad itching all over my legs,i’d read the side effects and this was one of them.The doctor told me not to take them for a few days,and see if the itching returns.

I will soon have to take Tamoxifen (although i don’t know the side effects)i’m hoping if i have to have another AD the Doctor is aware of this research.Lesleyxx

Hi All, Have been to see Gp today and I am staying on Seroxat and Tamoxifen for the time being. My Gp thinks there has not been enough research yet to warrant upsetting the apple cart. Also my 31 yr old daughter in law had a haemorrhage and bleed to her brain three weeks after giving birth to her first child. As a consequence she suffered a stroke and has had to have major op to her skull to relieve pressure to brain, she is slowly coming back to us after two weeks. In a couple of weeks she will have to have further op to her skull, part of which is in her tummy… then it will be replaced. It is a nightmare scenario. Having to help look after a new born baby and support my son. So as you can imagine it is not the time to go mucking about pill swapping.
Love to all Bobbie

Hi Corsa,

So sorry to hear about you’re daughter-in-law,you’re right now is not the best time.Hope she has a speedy recovery and can get back to looking after her little baby.Good luck Lesleyxx

Hi Monica - sent you a PM!

Hope you are well,
Lizzie xxx