Sertraline and tamoxifen

My gp put me on sertraline antidepressants and I had a nagging doubt about them being compatible with tamoxifen. My gp insisted they were fine. I checked it out with BCC on phone and whilst it was not categorical it was advised that taken these two together was not the best option as it can reduce the effect of tamoxifen. I have advised my gp accordingly.

Hi, I’m also on sertraline and have been for over 5 years now. I have a long term mental health condition and after a particularly bad relapse in 2010 it took a few lengthy admissions to psychiatric ward and various meds to find the “right” one.


I don’t know yet if I will need to take tamoxifen but would be very really reluctant to put my mental health at risk again. I was collecting my usual monthly prescription last week and asked the pharmacist about any drug interactions and she said they shouldn’t be prescribed together BUT there seems to be a lot of conflicting evidence about which SSRI’s/antidepressants are suitable to use in conjunction with Tamoxifen.


Good luck with your treatment. xx

Sorry to hear about your mental health condition but it seems to be under control. No I don’t think you should rock the boat now. There are very few antidepressants which can be taken with tamoxifen without conflict. I am on another drug for a different condition and this also limits what I can take so I don’t have much choice. I am going to try venaflaxine again which I took for hot sweats a while ago but which caused bad side effects. Hey ho its a constant battle and I also have to monitor the doctors who don’t always get it right. I hope your treatment goes well too. Best wishes.

Yes venaflaxine worked great for night flushes but it caused me terrible day sweats! I was confused by this but on doing research this drug can actually cause severe sweating too. Strange eh?

Yes and depression ironically!! I only tend to suffer if i miss a tablet then it affects me and i can feel sickly and hot Xx

I started sertraline half way through chemo, then took tamoxifen for 10 months. Tamoxifen didn’t agree with me and put me in very low mood despite the sertraline. Have been given zoladex and anastrazole today. Go said not to change anything else do still on sertraline.

Yes venaflaxine and tamoxifen are OK together but venaflaxine cause profuse sweating so I had to stop them .

I have been prescribed sertraline today at an emergency gp appointment.

I am so worried about taking it even though he insisted it was OK to take with tamoxifen. I cannot take venlaflaxine as it previously caused a stomach ulcer when I took it a few years ago. I know I need to do something as I don’t feel safe with myself. But is this the right thing?