Sertraline with tamoxifen?

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Can anyone help me please? Has anyone been prescribed sertraline for depression/anxiety whilst taking tamoxifen? There seems to be SO MUCH on the net that says it’s not a good idea. Can anyone put my mind at rest please?

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Hi Salalala


I was prescribed Sertraline 6 months ago and had the same concerns, however, every doctor or pharmacist was of the same opinion, that it was fine to take it with Tamoxifen, however, I only took it for about a month as it disagreed with me,


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Thanks June, will call. CC really? That is VERY reassuring. All I can find on the net are articles and papers saying avoid - even from cancer charity websites. Thank you VERY much xxx ps I’m day2 of taking it and I feel very odd! Can definitely tell something is in me. I feel buzzy in my fingers but heavy all over my chest and limbs. Head feels independently heavy. Bizarre! Phych said it would take two weeks to settle …?

I was taking fluoxetine, which can have a negative effect on tamoxifen. I switched to a different drug which didn’t suit me and am now taking Sertraline. My doctor has been through my drugs with me and has reassured me that despite sertraline and fluoxetine being in the same “family” of drugs, there is no evidence to suggest that it affects tamoxifen. I am hoping he is right! Sometimes we just have to trust that they know what they’re talking about! Although easier said than done.

I have taken Sertraline for 3 years and had no side affects. It does take about 7 weeks to work but I could not have coped without it. Take the tablets and I hope you feel better soon. love Tracy x

I was taking Sertraline before being diagnosed last year and my dosage was upped to 200mg a day.  However, when I saw my Oncologist for the first time last November he said that this dosage would need to be reduced due to it having an affect on the absorption of Tamoxifen (and eventually weaned off this).  I talked this through with my GP (who seemed unaware of this) but she did reduce my dosage to 150mg a day.  To be honest, at times, I could have done with the larger dose of 200mg but she is now very reluctant to up this in view of what my Oncologist has said but I cannot think about coming off this completely as I’m a wreck as it is!  One thing though, I was taking this at night (ever seen being put on it by my GP) but I’ve seen been suffering with severe fatigue recently and cannot sleep at night so my GP has also prescribed Amitrypilne (apologies for the spelling but my tablets are upstairs) and said that the side effect of this is drowsiness and should help me sleep through the night.  It’s early days yet as only been taking them for just over a week, however, my GP was shocked to find that I’d been taking the Sertraline at night as apparently this is supposed to be taken upon waking in the morning (and suggested that may have been contributing to my disturbed sleep, i.e. up 3 or 4 times a night) and with se of Tamoxifen and Zoladex feeling exhausted all the time.  The instructions on my tablets had only ever said take … tablets daily (and did not specify what time so I just took them at night)!