Severe back pain

Hi, I’ve never posted before, and only really discovered this amazing forum since I finished treatment, when I did a search on bone scans, and some people’s old posts came up linking me here. Wish I’d found it sooner! Anyway, the reason I’m posting is that I have developed really bad back pain over the last couple of months. I was diagnosed with bc last August and had a lumpectomy, then a another op to check lymph nodes (clear) and excavate the site more widely. Was borderline for chemo, but advised due to age and how early tumour found to go for 4 weeks rad and then another week of intensive rad. Finished at start of may. Felt fine during and after treatment, just a bit tired; but then the backache started. I’ve had sciatica on and off since having children, which appears if I do something stupid, like lifting something really heavy, or lifting awkwardly, but if I then rest and am sensible (!) then it goes away. Also it’s very recognisable - shooting pain down bum and top of leg. This is very different. Doesn’t seem to be related to what I do, whether I rest etc, and the pain feels like it’s at the base of my spine or is in the hip joint. Started keeping me awake at night. So I went back to the breast clinic and they sent me for a bone scan and blood test. Yesterday found out that they have ‘no features of concern’.I know I should be ecstatic, but I’m still worried. Is it possible that a bone scan and blood test could have missed something? I am not someone who usually worries about things like this. Before my diagnosis I was one of those people who very rarely went to the gp and filling out all the pre med forms was a doddle, because I’d never had a serious illness, op, break etc. Maybe that’s why I’m being so paranoid now!? My tumour was a very aggressive triple negative one apparently, and it was a bit of a miracle that it was picked up so early. I just have this niggly feeling that this pain is something more than old age and decrepitude (I’m 45).Any advice, or suggestions would be very welcome (even if it’s 'for goodness sake, pull yourself together!). I’m due back at breast clinic in two weeks for the routine follow up mammogram, but I’m not worried about that at all. Thanks in advance x

Hi Rosie,
First of all welcome to the forum.
I think it’s quite normal to be sensitised to anything physical following a breast cancer diagnosis, loads of us have had aches & pains when diagnosed then following treatment.
Anyway, it’s good you’ve been checked out & a normal result has been reported, so there would not appear to be evidence of a problem, especially as you’ve had back pain before & there was no evidence of spread initially.
But, as ever, it is good to be vigilant & you have acted on it. Is it worth having a chat with your team for reassurance about it?
ann x

Thanks for your reply ann, I think when I go for my check in a couple of weeks time, I’ll ask if anything else showed on the bone scan - wear and tear etc that would explain my back pain. Other than that, I’ll just be extremely grateful for the good treatment I have had throughout from our wonderful , but beleaguered NHS, and try not to worry.