severe backache

Hi all

I’ve been on tamoxifen since Nov 07, with a few side effects - hot flushes, slight weight gain, increase in facial hair - nice!!
However, over the last two weeks have been suffering from terrible lower back pain, at first didn’t think much of it as I’ve suffered from it in the past. But this is different, in that it’s painful all around my hips topped off with abdominal pain, feels like I might be getting a period (haven’t had one since started taking the tam), but nothing. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


I have been on tamoxifen since october 07, I started to get pains in my back and also a on my right side at the front, and across my bladder,
So after standing this for a few week off i went to see my doc,She gave me antibiotics said it could be a bladder infection, but after 10 days it was
still the same, so back to her i went.I must say she didnt mess about she sent me for a scan on my kidney .bladder and liver [all was clear]
Next I was sent to have a Hysteroscopy Biopsy,Which i had 5 weeks ago , No results Yet , it takes 6 weeks
But i was told by one doctor at the hospital that it could be a poliph ,and if it was ,they would take it away at the same time as the biopsy,
I must say the pain as now gone, so they must have done something right

so all i can say to you is dont suffer , go have word with your doctor I was worried about still takeing Tamoxifen but they have told me

to keep on it
Hope this helps you Natty

all the best June.

That does help thank you June. I’ll go and see my GP next week.

Hi Natty
Just had my Results , It was a polyp.All clear now [.Have got to keep on tamoxifen,
II was the Polyp that was causing all the trouble

I didnt want to go to the doctor, Natty, but now glad i did,

Well best of luck for next week [,shall be thinking of you]
and hope you get sorted quick

all the best June

That’s great news, I’ll def mention all this to my doc. Thank you so much and I’ll let you know what happens.


O.K Natty,
Good Luck


I have also been on Tamoxifen for over a year and have the same problem. Saw Dr last week for internal and am having Hysteroscopy also and an ultrasound. I have the hip pains mostly at night but these period type pains I also had with a ‘show’ just like the start of a period. Dr said it could be polyp, fibroid or hormonal, but will have to have the tests to eliminate (or not) any problems.

Oh joy!!

Normski x