Severe breast pain

Hi ,
New here waiting for Dr appointment tomorrow for referral to Breast clinic. Went to Dr 1 week ago and talked of referral due to constant pain ( for a few weeks / am going through menopause also ) and she advised my breasts are very “lumpy” but no actual lump felt advised to try pain killers for a week
No change , anxiety now through the roof
Thanks in advance for any support / advice
Bec x

Hi Bec, Although pain isn’t a classic sign of breast cancer your wise to get yourself checked out, I had pain on and off for years but as it came and went with my cycle I didn’t do anything about it but when I was diagnosed with BC they found I also had a benign Fibrodenema which was removed as well and had been the cause of my pain. 

I know how hard it is not to imagine the worst and anxiety is just awful but your on the way to getting yourself sorted now and it’s far more likely to be something other than BC , around 80% of breast clinic referrals walk away with the all clear so hang on to that thought! Xxx Jo 

Thank you so much for your reply Jo , been awake worrying since 2.30 this morning !
What is a Fibrodenema ? Would normally google it but trying to stay away from google at the moment so as not to cause any more worry / anxiety

Thank you so much Jo xx
Hopefully after Dr appointment tomorrow I can get a quick appointment for th BC clinic xx

Hi Jo

Just thought i would let you know i had my mammogram and USS yesterday and it is a cyst !
Thank you again for your support and advice , i just wanted to ket you know the outcome xx

Thanks for letting us know Becs, it is helpful for others to see & best wishes
ann x