Sex and zoladex

Hi ladies

I don’t know if I am being stupid or not, but I have a question. My husband and I have been abstaining from intimate stuff, mainly due to my hip surgery and recuperation…

I didn’t remember to ask my doctor, but should I still be using condoms when we have sex? I’m on Zoladex and Tamoxifen. My ovaries have been switched off, so I can’t get pregnant?

Forgive me for being stupid, but my tamoxifen confused brain just isn’t working right at the minute…

J x

Hi J,

i just finished treatment. but would say better safe tahno sorry. just for the moment as you mid- treatment. all the best.

N xX

Hi Poannie

Please feel free to contact our confidential helpline, our team of specialist nurses are able to offer you further information. The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 and it is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards
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Hi poannie,

When I was initially diagnosed in 2004 I was on Zoladex to preserve my ovaries for my much hoped for babies of the future. I was advised to use contraception. I was then on tamoxifen for two and a half years after treatment and was advised again to use an effective method of contraception. I have a marina coil which has ‘been in’ for over two years. I have just been diagnosed with bone secondaries and am back on zoladex and about to start another tablet (letrozole) and have been advised to keep coil for time being.

My thoughts were/are like yours that if my ovaries are switched off how can I get pregnant. However, at times, debilitating chemo, being bald, having central line attached to permamnent chemo in bum bag around my waist was a good contraceptive for me first time round…

Have fun, be safe and enjoy the intimate stuff when your hip is up to it.

Angee xxxxx

I was on zoladex for 2 years and we didn’t bother with contraception during that time. My oncologist asked the company that makes it and they advised using protection and the reason they gave was to do with a risk of ectopic pregnancy. We all felt that as the ovaries are shut down there was no need for protection. I am using it now though as I’m just on tamoxifen. I had my last zoladex in June and my periods haven’t come back yet. As I’m 50 I’m hoping they won’t - don’t really fancy the menopausal symptoms twice!! Good luck and if you have any doubts then I’d use contraception.

Hi there,

Use a condom!
With Zoladex it is still possible to ovulate.
Having just had my first injection last week and still charting ovulation, I actually ovulated several days earlier than usual. This is possibly because initially the drug works by increasing signals to the brain to produce hormones…then it overloads the pituitary and it stops sending hormones once it’s overworked.

I do know of someone who fell pregnant while on Zoladex a few years ago!