Sex on xeloda

Hi all does anyone know the rules on sex with xeloda for some real reason I woke at 4 this morn wondering about intercourse no as mentioned anything about this to me do we still practice safe sex as I’m on 2 on 1 off when is it safe to go without protection I’m safe from pregnancy is it the same as norm chemo when is it safe to to the deed as I’m gona be on x for yrs! And my poor hubbie will be pulling he’s hair out does anyone know maybe I’ll ask weird wat wake us up many thanks Laura

Several things to think about here… (it seems an under-researched topic! lol)

According to the advice I’ve had:

  • it’s ok if you yourself feel ok

  • the chemo won’t harm the male partner

Also you might want to think around how your lifestyle is different during your weeks on tablets, while your body is processing the chemotherapy. (e.g. I don’t drink alcohol nor coffee during my week on - that’s my choice)

Sorry, I have no idea regarding pregnancy risk but I would guess that oncs would not encourage this.

Hope this helps.