Sexual consequences of breast cancer


We are a group of oncologists, nurses, psychologists, researchers and breast cancer patients who share an interest in the side effects of treatments for breast cancer. Our aim is to help people who are living with or beyond cancer to be able to manage those side effects by improving knowledge of them. The group is the National Cancer Research Institute Breast Cancer Symptom Management Subgroup. 

We would like to know more about the sexual consequences of breast cancer and how they are assessed and treated in the UK. We’d be very grateful if you would follow the link to fill in a short questionnaire, which takes about10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time. Follow this link to take the questionnaire:

If you have been distressed by, or have any questions regarding any of the topics raised, you can contact the free Breast Cancer Care Helpline on 0808 800 6000 or Ask Our Nurses email service:

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Ask the nurse - Breast Cancer Care

Talking in person about your concerns and worries with breast cancer can be difficult. Talk to our specialists using our confidential email service Ask the nurse, which is available to you from day one.