I finally had my SGAP operation just under two weeks ago and I’m pleased with the result so far. The new breast is a little larger than the “good” one but there is still a lot of swelling. The surgeon has already assured me he “do something” with the other side later. The overall result is excellent and the recovery seems to be much easier than I expected.

My main reason for posting - I don’t often contribute to this site any more - is the say thank you to Maisie, Madrid, LesleyP and Janjan for their contributions to earlier threads on the same subject. I’m sure there is someone else too but memory fails me for another name.
Hope you are all doing well ladies and your various ops and ongoing treatments have been successful.

Hi Morgaine, so glad its gone well for you, keep happy and keep healthy

lots of love


Hi Morgaine

I’m really glad that your op has been a success.

I’m due to have IGAP later this year. From what I understand IGAP is simalar to SGAP. I would really appreciate some info if you’re feeling up to it.


Hello Chanel, where are you having your operation? I’m in Newcastle.

Happy to discuss any aspect of the operation you feel you would like to talk about. Not confident with pms but will give it a go - just let me know what sort of thing you are concerned about.
IGAP is very similar. It takes the tissue from the bottom of the bottom whereas SGAP takes it from higher up - along the nicker line. I suspect IGAP will make sitting harder in the early days. SGAP makes lying flat a bit tricky for a day or so - which is tough because they like you to lie flat while the flap starts to knit.

It’s less than 3 weeks since my op and I’m in great shape. I had heard recovery was quickish and it is proving that way for me. Had all the dressings off yesterday - wounds are really neat and tidy. Am now massaging with oils etc to keep scars flat. I use the bcpals forum as well as this and have posted some pics through that. Let me know if you are interested in seeing them.

Stay in touch.

Hi Morgain

Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you i’ve been so busy at work.
I’m delighted that you are doing so well.
Thanks ever so much for all the info.
I live in Harrogate but my plastic surgeon is in Leeds.
I finished rads a week ago and was measured for my skin expansion earlier this week, i’ve also had my pre op assessment, so the op date shouldn’t be too far off. Did you have expansion first?The surgeon said that once the skin has streched fully I will then have to wait a while for it to settle down before having the IGAP op.
Apparantly there are very few surgeons in the UK that do the SGAP/IGAP technique. My surgeon has only done these techniques a couple of times which concerns me a bit.
I can’t have the stomach option because I’ve had previous surgery and i’m too skinny on my back. The idea of getting a smaller bottom is quite appealing.
I’m not sure why my surgeon has opted for IGAP instead of SGAP.Was there any particular reason why you opted for SGAP? I’m trying to figure out which would leave a less noticable scar? Has your surgeon discussed adjusting your other buttock once everything has settled down?
The plan for me is expansion, then IGAP, then adjustment of the other breast, adjustment of the other buttock, then finally nipple reconstruction.
Have you heard of many people that have had these procedures? Everywhere I seem to look leads me to the USA.
I don’t use bcpals, but may be I should give it a go.
I hope you keep recovering quickly.

Thanks again for your reply.

Hi well had my op on 4th sept.Had implant put in at same time.Because of radiotheraphy in past (1990) the muscle was tight but glad this op was an option. Apart from feeling quite out of it when trying to come round all went well. No pain killers after 24hours. Went back today for first visit and results, Cancer was size of a malteser but a fast growing cancer.So glad it was picked up at mobile breast screening.I still could not feel anything so how far would it have got!!! Lymph nodes ok as well so no Chemo this time. Seeing Dr Trask in a couple of weeks and plastic surgeon fpr start of filling up in 2 weeks. Anyway proves screening is worth while.

Sorry I have been silent for a while. I use another site more than this (www.bcpals, because it is so friendly. I found this to be excellent when I was newer to cancer but have progressed to a place where I feel people are my friends.
IGAP wasn’t discussed but my PS did look for fleshy paces before deciding to go ahead. We have talked about how I feel about lack of flesh since the op and frankly it doesn’t worry me - actually its barely noticeable.
I found it really hard to contact anyone who had the surgery and I have offered my services as a telephone contact to BCC but they are changing things so it will have to wait.
We could talk more personally via the other forum should you feel the need to do so?
I do hope things work out well for you.