Shall i have an early mammogram

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last July, so due a mammogram shortly. I unfortunately had to have a mascetomy in September 23. Ive recently started with discomfort in my left breast. Mainly in the nipple area. Im wondering if it could be the menopause. I am worried its returned. Should i ask for my mammogram to be brought forward? I dont want the nurses thinking i am a hypochondriac


Hi :slight_smile: I think you already know the answer to this… you are absolutely not being a hypochondriac when it comes to your own health :slight_smile: if you are worried then you should absolutely talk to your doctor and schedule check up. Don’t leave anything you are worried about alone. If could very well be nothing but it also could be a something. You won’t know until you get it checked :slight_smile: good luck :heart:


I feel very similarly to you about not wanting to be a hypochondriac but I agree with kingsbreasts that you are absolutely right to go and get things checked. I had an ultrasound on a patch I was worried about on my ‘good’ side. It was fine and just some swollen ducts…but the nurse really did stress to me to come back if I was worried at all “don’t wait for the scan” were her parting words. If you get checked it will either be nothing and you can relax a little…or, probably unlikely, but you will catch something before it has chance to cause more mischief. Take care xxx


It’s not hypochondria it is vigilance. In my experience the medics encourage it!! Get it checked out asap. I hope all is ok x

Always do whatever you need. Don’t be afraid to book in as many extra scans as your mental health needs.

My docs have suggested 3 monthly ultrasounds for the first year and then the mammogram at 12 months but said a 6 monthly mammogram is fine too if it’s reduces stress.

Stress is inflammatory. You wouldn’t avoid managing inflammation normally if you viewed it as physical rather than mental so don’t be afraid to manage it now!

Everything crossed for you! X