Shall I replace implant or get rid? -

Hi, I’m post chemo and radiotherapy (25 sessions) and had an implant fitted when I had my mastectomy last December.  The radiotherapy has damaged the implant and it is hard & sore most of the time.  Saw my consultant yesterday and he has given me 3 choices - stick with it and take strong painkillers (which on checking appear to be antidepressants), have it replaced using either the same scar, which may take longer to heal or using another entry point, or have it removed completely.  He tells me the pain could still be with me as this is probably caused by the radiotherapy.  I know it’s only me that can make the final decision but has anyone gone through this that can give me some pros and cons - not sure who to talk to about it. Any advice would be massively appreciated.

Is the implant silicone? I had DH mx in July and had tissue expanders inserted they have been inflated and I have just had 28 rads. The tissue expanders are always tight and uncomfortable I would have to take pain killers continually and am not prepared to do this! I am hoping they will be taken out early in the new year and I will have softer silicone implants. The surgeon wouldn’t put the silicone ones in before rads as he said they could be damaged! Hope this helps!?