shallow person alert -bras

I am not  naturally  well endowed and my dd slumped to the bottom  of the cup following losing a couple of stone which left me buying balconette, underwired bras. Bc is bad enough but i am now cast out into the wilds of non wired bras and 2 different sized boobs.  What do people buy?  I know I sound shallow as at least I still have 2 of my own boobs just trying to think of practicalities x

Hello Helly18 - you made me laugh as you sound just like me! First time I’ve written on this wonderful forum, which has helped me so much.  Just coming up to my first anniversary of the XXXXing diagnosis, but all is well. To get back to your query (not shallow - v. imp) if you have a Matalan near you, I’ve found their sports bra (at the extortionate price of £6) fantastic.  It is pull on, but has soft molded inner cups - which you can take out , &  it  hides a multitude of my dents and bumps, so looks completely fine & washes well too.  Downside is that there are only black, pale blue and white - nothing pretty, but it does do the job.  Tried on some pretty lacy numbers the other day, but absolutely nothing fitted properly, now have a  d and b cup - so back to Matalan it was.  How far are you along in your journey?  I was diagnosed 15 March last year,  IDC had WLE, then no clear margins, so had another WLE, another tumour found, also DCIS.  Had rads, now on anastrozole - yuk, but basically all ok.  With lots of love, and happy shopping. Christine xxx

Me again Helly - well if I had a brain I’d be dangerous.  Just spotted  you on another thread and you are just getting over the op so very big gentle hugs to you and hope you’re getting some looking after. Christine xxx

Awh Christine,  thank you so much u am very early on hoping for a good result when I go back.  Will have a look at what’s out there it was just so difficult  before now  I just go  ?x