Shampoo & Conditioner Post Chemo

Hello Ladies,

I would like your experiences regarding what shampoo & conditioner you used after chemo had finished, and what worked for you regarding re-growth.
I have my last FEC next week and ive been using the cold cap. ive thinned quite alot on top but not quite bald, but i think the lst session may finish it of, ive still got lots around the sides and back, i think this is common as the cap always seem’s to bounce on the top, but im very happy with the results.

thankyou for your help

take care

there is a great shampoo bar from lush, not sure what its called but its highly recommended it has cinammon in it and is a red shampoo bar and its really helped with mine, mine is now very thick and curly and i am sure its from the shampoo

billa… thankyou… how soon post chemo can you use it? as i use simple at the moment as when using the cold cap you have to treat your hair so carfully,

thankyou so much, how about conditioner too?


hi its all natural so its fine, the problem with chemo is not the hair but the scalp being sensitive but the bar is great, i stopped chemo in november and if you go on my facebook - berlinda wander, you can see the growth.

With the greatest respect, ie I’m not wanting to be nasty to the previous poster, “it’s all natural so it’s fine” does not make sense. Deady nightshade is all natual, as is snake venom, and stinging nettles. There is a list of aromatherapy oils (all natural) including rose oil and geranium oil that should not be used by people who’ve had ER + cancer.

I asked at the Macmillan centre at hospital and the lady got back to me and said that Alpecin shampoo is good. It is about £5 for quite a big bottle from Boots. I used cold cap too and found the Alpecin stopped hair coming out, which it had been doing 4 weeks after last FEC. You have to leave it on for at least 2 minutes, so I put it on first then do the rest of me in the shower, then rinse. I use Simple conditioner with it. My hair has grown in all the places where it had really thinned.

Hi Donna
I lost just about all my hair during FEC, cold cap didn’t work. After I’d finished, my hairdresser recommended Nioxin which is a brand meant to stimulate hair growth in anyone with thin/thinning hair. Whether it worked or not I don’t know but my hair came back very quickly, as thick as it had been and luckily not grey and curly like I was worried about! Having said that my hair has always grown quickly. The first lot of growth after chemo was a bit different in texture than I was used to - not surprising as all the chemicals would have affected it but since then has been OK and I use my regular shampoo and conditioner plus any hair colouring I used to use as well.
Good luck with your last FEC