Shampoo during chemotherapy

Which shampoos have you been recommended or have helped your hair during chemotherapy if cold capping. I want to try it but not sure if I’ll be have it throughout depending on effectiveness

I’m using the MooGoo shampoo and conditioner. They also have a scalp cream and other products that are handy and natural for during chemo☺️ have found everything I’ve used really good so far and my scalp/skin have felt great

I used Kitsch rice water protein solid bar, and the conditioner.
Still using them as my hair regrows.
I used cold cap and lost half my hair I would say, quite evenly across my head.
Hope all goes well!

I washed my hair gently with averno shampoo and Tropic hair feast conditioner ( both used prior to treatment)
Once chemo finished i then added Watermans serum to encourage re growth and thickness

There is a great hair session run by look good feel better charity supported by cancer hair care charity

Good luck

I bought Aveda Nutriplenish. I’ve got fine hair and it cleans nicely, smells great and I don’t have greasy hair. My husband uses it too, so we just bought a large 1l bottle which makes it cheaper.