Shampoo for bald head

Hello everyone,

Can anyone recommend a shampoo and conditioner they’re using on their bald or shaved head please? My hair started coming out so I chose to have it shaved to a grade 2 but that also went patchy, so I’ve now shaved it totally bald :slight_smile: I’ve read that I should still use a teeny bit of shampoo and conditioner but not sure which is best to go for. Any advice would be fab!

As much as I absolutely loved my hair, getting ready to go out is now so much quicker (you have to take the little positives along the way)!!



Hi cheesey I didnt use shampoo when chemo took my hair but used the scalp care kit from beauty despite cancer that worked well for me. I am sure others will be along with their tips too. I also had a silk pillowcase it was gentler on head. Hope this helps ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi Cheesy,

i have been using very gentle baby shampoo,  just a little.

no conditioner cos not much hair but it has started to ’ sprout ’ now ???

mini mad xx

Yes, stay positive! Big up the ear rings, lash on the ?and polish up the pate! I used Aveeno shampoo and shower gels and oils throughout my treatment. I used Aveeno cream and after shower spray oil to moisturise, including little head. My BC nurse recommended this brand as it is oatmeal based and is so easily absorbed without being greasy. Very important during rads.  Coconut oil was my go - to product when my skin was really dry. I’m convinced it encouraged hair growth. Any way, I went to bed smelling like Malibu, so all good! X

Hi Cheesy


I used Simple shampoo and conditioner and still do. I didn’t lose all my hair, despite being told it was inevitable with the paclitaxel. I gently spread each through my (buzzcut no 6) hair but never rubbed. Any massage was with the flat of my hand. All the rest of my hair vanished over time but not my head hair :slight_smile: I’m currently suffering from an attack of chemo-curl, but the compensation lies in the feel of my hair - like stroking a puppy!

Hi Cheesy,


I used diprobase cream as prescribed by the GP,  very soothing, gently cleans and moisturises. :slight_smile: