Shampoo For Hair Growth

Hi ladies.

Just had my first of 3 docetaxel (after 3 EC) nd was wondering when I should start using shampoo to encourage hair growth.

I have already bought some Nioxin but does anyone have any other suggestions? What about supplements biotin or sea kelp? Again when should i start these?

Helen x

Hi Helen,


I found this - which answers most questions we have.


When I am finished with chemo - shall be starting to use Regain for Women.



Definitely Nioxin - the one for thinning hair, but don’t use it until you have a bit more hair. I used to massage my scalp with Olive Oil - the BP variety or Almond oil is fine too.It really helped with the growth. Watch out for the sun this summer too as it’s easy to forget that there is nothing there to protect your scalp.

Hope this helps