Shampoo / hair treatment during chemo?

hello all,

I’m scheduled to start chemo next week and I’m pretty nervous about it. In the process of trying to buy the right type of shampoo or hair products. Have not been very successful in doing a simple search of "best organic shampoo for cancer patients ", do you guys have any recommendations? What has worked best for you?

Love and blessing

Cancer patient M


I just used the basic Simple shampoo and conditioner but I found the product was less important than the method of use. My hair gently slid out so I had a number 6 buzzcut so I had the Annie Lennox look - I felt great. After that, I would smooth shampoo on and use my palms to massage it superficially to my scalp, let it sit for a minute or so and then shower it out without using my fingers. Same with conditioner. I’m sure not rubbing at the roots meant I kept my hair longer. In fact, despite having paclitaxel, I still had a head of whispy fine hair when chemo finished. The other thing is that, in the first weeks at least, you may find your hair roots actually hurt - my scalp ached (that feeling you get when you’ve had your hair tied up for too long!) so a palm massage is comforting.

I also experienced some physiological changes I didn’t expect - I didn’t sweat it even perspire for about 9 months - and someone suggested not washing my hair (they haven’t needed to for over 5 years!) so I stopped using shampoo and just massaged my scalp with water under the shower. I managed this for over 6 months before I decided i needed to go back to a good shampoo rub.

All the best with your treatment (please don’t search online anything relating to treatment or your diagnosis - Google is disastrous!) x