I will start chemo at the end of December and I will be doing cold capping. What has everyone been using for shampoo? I’ve read some things that you need to use organic shampoo and some people you said they use baby shampoo. Idk ?‍ :female_sign:  


i was cold capping and i was told , i can just use my usual shampoo, but it is better to use an organic conditioner, which i applied under a cold cap.

my dietician also has suggested to take zinc/calcium/ magnesium capsules to help with hair/ nails during chemo and my oncologist said it is ok.

Cold capping is a lenghtly process, but it is worth it!My hair re-growth is truly excellent so far…

take care xx

My mum bought me some aveedo shampoo and it’s really gentle. Have cold capped twice now, very little loss first time , slight loss this time but my hair is in great condition, had it cut short before I started. Good luck xxx

Nioxin shampoo can help to nourish the scalp, keep it hydrated and free of itching and irritation, and provide additional protection during the cold cap process. The active ingredients in Nioxin shampoo are amino acids, panthenol, and peppermint oil, which work together to help nourish and protect the scalp and hair. It helps to protect the hair from damaging free radicals, which chemotherapy drugs can cause.

Hi there, 

you’ve probably started now- how’s it going for you? What chemo are you on? 
min terms or shampoo I used child’s farm and it’s worked really nicely, it children’s and has minimal chemicals xx