Shared thoughts

I wasn’t too sure just where to post this I have just finished writing it and my partner suggested to share it in the forums.He may be right because one thing I’ve noticed is we are all going through the same feelings and fears even if we all feel we are so alone at the moment.I called it ‘Mountains’ which is actually quite laughable because my boobs are more like pimples and don’t deserve to be called boobs let alone mountains lol but are a huge part of my life just now.


Is it really my turn to face the fear
feel impending doom is drawing near
to whisper inwardly how can this be
and feel guilt from thinking but why me

why is it so hard to get around
as it’s not a mountain this lump I’ve found
which went un-noticed until today
yet blocks everything now I try to do or say

It’s just a pebble on the beach
horizon’s and goals are still in reach
if only I could get a grip on this
and watch it drop in the ocean life would be bliss

I’m scared but confident angry yet numb
all thoughts I have being merged into one
contradictions seem to be the order of the day
as I know I’ll cope come what may

So why do I sit with this vacant face
while my heart my adrenaline and my mind all race
it’s just happened too quick I can’t turn and say
please make this nightmare go away

One thing I know of this mountainous mass
it’s really an inch and a half that I can get past
because love is the mountain that really consumes
daunting in size and leaves no room
and love is the journey I haven’t yet finnished
which will take this wee pebble and have it deminished
when it stops rattling in my head n’ gets from under my feet
this unwanted diversion I will complete.
Wendy L.

wow what a fantastic poem and so true ! you have said what a lot of us cannot put into words xx

What a lovely poem. I am a year in but this really captures the feelings so well. Thanks for sharing.

Hi alexamay and aroma thank you for reading and I,m glad you can relate I draw and write poetry whenever I’m in a pickle and it can really help me hopefully this time it can help some others too.Hope all is well real soon for you *hugs*