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Please do share your blog on this thread. 

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Here is my story for anyone who feels lost and afraid or just wants to read something they can relate to. Know that someone has felt as horrid as you do right now and made it through chemo, surgery and radiotherapy. I have included lots of tips on how I coped with treatments which you may find useful.


**warning**  May contain humour and poetry!

Ahh I’ve not used this in a while and I’ve started a new thread instead of posting my blog in here. Now I don’t know how to correct it ?

I wrote this blog when my breast cancer journey began, It helped me so so much to let off steam, and lots of people offered me support and encouraged me to keep going… all as a result of it. It felt amazing that I could also help people going through the same thing, as other blogs had helped me.
I stopped writing it as I felt the blog still connected me to the cancer patient, and in reality - that’s just not who I was anymore.
I’m strong, and I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve and more. It’s completely possible, and if my blog helps just one person to realise that for themselves - that makes me a very happy lady!

Hi all


I started my blog after someone suggested it to me because I was getting so many messages and phone calls from friends and family asking how I was getting on and I was struggling to reply.  It’s at if you’d like to read it.  I found it really helpful to me personally to get my thoughts down somewhere and I’ve re-read bits back since, which has been quite strange but great to see how far I’ve come since then.  People also commented on it and seemed to really enjoy it.


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Hi All

As someone new to the journey of breast cancer & how to handle the diagnosis & subsequent treatment, I thought writing a blog would help to come to terms with what was happening
If you have a spare 2 minutes, please give it a read

Jude x

I started writing my blog in January this year when I agreed to restart on Zoladex, thus entering my third chemical menopause



I’ve written a blog for years, so there’s now a category for cancer (one of those things we all hoped we’d never have to say): 



Hey Everyone, I started my blog when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. I originally started writing it as a way to update my friends and family on my treatment and how I was doing without sending lots of texts and making lots of phone calls. I actually really enjoyed writing it and found it very therapeutic.

It’s a random title for a blog I know! There where a lot of headlines in the media at the time I was diagnosed suggesting that bacon, alcohol, red meats etc caused cancer. So one of the first things I asked the oncologist when I was diagnosed was ‘can I still drink wine?’ The answer was, of course, yes and that I probably needed a large one :wink:

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Here’s my blog link: Jojo’s Journey


I’ve been writing it since 2012 when I was diagnosed with my primary aged just 28. Last year I was diagnosed with secondaries and so have been blogging again. It’s all about my journey through breast cancer.


I’m very proud that it has had 215,500 pageviews! :smileyhappy: This post alone about Top Tips for Coping with Chemo has had 16,000 pageviews!


Lots of love over to all,

Jo x


I started blogging about cancer when I was diag 3 years ago.


In it, I speak about everything from the diagnosis to all treatments and cancerverseries. 




Hi Karen
Wishing you all the best with your treatment. The blog is a great way to get it all down on paper, so to speak, and share your journey through this horrid disease with others. xx

Hi Everyone!  I’m delighted to see so many people sharing their experiences.  I too have started writing as a mode of therapy, but then I thought, sure why not share it - it might just help someone.


I’ve just finished a massive fundraiser and am about to return to work, so will be updating my blog soon with some thoughts on that.





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Some amazing blogs here - aren’t we all just brilliant?!


I’m due to have the LD flap procedure following capsular contracture and will be updating my website as I go…


Take Care


Another blog to add:


So cathartic to be open and write about this! :smileyhappy:


Caroline xx


I started a blog to share my experiences and what I have learned.  I am somewhat of a science nerd, so have read a lot on things I could do for myself, alongside my doctors advice, to get healthy.  I started running, as a result.  Gradually working my way off the couch, I am now going to run a marathon.  I will be blogging about my adventures.  My blog is Hope you enjoy it.  


I’m nearly a year on from chemo, which sent me hurtling into an overnight menopause.

I’m sharing my menopause post below:


I’m two and a half years on from my cancer diagnosis, and am sharing this blog post on life after cancer.

I am really struggling at the moment with exemestane.

Sarah x

Oops, I created my own thread before reading this one! Sorry folks. But, here it is anyway, in the correct place. Absolutely love writing, its been a huge part of my recovery. Will look forward to exploring all of your blogs too

Lou xx