Sharing my story in my recent memoir No Place to Lie and on YouTube!!

Hi there lovelies

I’m new to this group and would like to send you all virtual hugs. Have recently had a 5th mammogram after my breast cancer op - mastectomy and reconstruction - in 2016. No worrying signs. They said. It’s a mild way of saying you’re in the clear and I am feeling incredibly lucky.  Am an ex lawyer (worked in family law and mediation for over 35 years) and now I’m doing what I always wanted to do - write.

I’ve shared the story of my breast cancer journey together with some pretty amazing family secrets in my debut memoir No Place to Lie and have also recently started a YouTube channel Hello! It’s better to talk, where I’ve spoken about what it’s like having a nipple tattoo. Would be super grateful for you to pop over and have a peek - subscribing - all for free - would be amazing. (If you buy the book I’ll be over the moon too - it’s had brilliant 5 star reviews).

In a funny way, I put a lot of this life change down to my breast cancer - it taught me to seize life with both hands (even met my second husband two months after the big op) - and that life can be amazing. 

Thank you for reading this and huge hugs again. Love and light. Helen.

Hello Helen,

we have so much in common. I had breast cancer in 2016, still clear. I worked as a lawyer for 35 years (residential conveyancing, probate and wills). I wrote a manuscript for a book about my experience but didn’t try to get it published. I started a YouTube channel in January to share what I’ve learned. I changed my life completely and when Covid permits will be back and forth to our dream holiday home in Spain.

well done for getting published and sharing your story. Sending hugs and a massive dose of fellow-feeling.

Melanie James