Sharing tips on your long term remission success

Just received my 5 year all clear today and am over the moon.


Diagnosis and WLE in 2012 with treatment ending in 2013.

Not taking any hormone or related drugs, in fact had to go back on HRT because of all sorts of problems.

Have chronic pain in breast and nipple along with chronic fatigue which comes and goes.

Also weakened left lung with increased asthma, chest infections and a bout of pneumonia, but …and it’s a big but…I am clear!  


Not doing anything special with regards the cancer but joined Slimming World his year and lost over a stone to get back to my 20s weight - (I’m 61 now). Cut all almost all sugar and oil/fat except for the good ones. No white bread and loads and loads of fruit and veggies and good protein. Feeling massively better in so many ways. Moderation in alcohol and going out and enjoying life every day. Working as a local volunteer for our village hall - thinking about others rather than myself is a great boost.


Keep on keeping on folks! There is life after all the cr*p! Hope to remain free as long as possible and fingers crossed it may have gone.  


Hi sakurasanta86,

I’m sorry you haven’t had a response yet and thanks so much for sharing. Great to hear about your successes!

Sorry to hear you are still experiencing pain and fatigue and please do talk this through with one of our experts on the freeHelpline if you want - on 0808 800 600. It’s open:

  • Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm
  • Saturday, 9am–1pm

Or maybe you would like toAsk the Nurseson the Forum, where they can respond to you online. 

All the best,


So pleased that you are in remission, lovely to hear a positive story.
I think you haven’t had any replies might be due to where you have posted - in the section for End of life for secondary patients. Perhaps if the moderators moved it to the Inspiring stories section then more ladies might reply.
All the very best in the future & hope you get your pain under control x