SharonLouise is home!

SharonLouise is home!

SharonLouise is home! Well hello girls - I’m home after having my mastectomy - all went well and I’m so glad to be with my family. I have had a good look at myself - not what I expected but will live with it until I can have a reconstruction.
Not in a lot of pain but just a bit sore in places - the drips and drains were the problem as could not get about very well. False boob not up to much so look rather odd but will get shopping for some better bras and will adjust the padding! - oh joy!
Have had luxury for 5 days as was placed in a private ward so had a lovely room with ensuite, balcony and view - all to myself - not bad! - in fact I’m positive this added to my early return home as feel very relaxed but so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed with my hubby!

Hope to be having a long rest now and recover to 100% plus before the chemo starts - questions for all you out there - what helped (diet wise) to inprove your health and did anyone take extra vitamins - like a multi vitamin tablets and if so did/would this help?

Not sure the last lot make sense - blame the op!

Take care all and hope all is well with you were ever you are.

Love Sharon X

Vit C. Hi Sharon,

Well done on getting through your operation okay and don’t be over doing things now you are back home. Sit back and put your feet up, you deserve to be waited on.

I had EC chemo last year and I took vitamin C, still am, as it helps the immune system and skin. Can’t tell if it worked or not but I never got ill during my chemo (with infections etc) and my white count was always okay.

Best of luck with your treatment.

Well done you… Hi Sharon
So glad to hear it all went well and you are feeling reasonable and not too sore…glad you had a fab private room…what a luxury…good luck with the bra hunt etc…make sure you rest up and start popping the vit c…
im eating kiwi fruit by the bucket as have a sore throat and 9 days to op!!! getting scared…
lots of love and hugs anna xx
ps i left u a message on the previous thread for annafiz…not sure if you saw it and its now on pg 2 xxxx

Well Done! Hi Sharon,

Just wanted to say that I’m glad op went well. Get lots of rest and listen to your body.

Jacki xx

For Annafiz All going well at the moment - will have the results of the op Wed 9th May - in very little pain and only need pain killers very occassionaly
When its all over you will be very surprised as it does not look as bad as you think but take your time and only look when you are comfortable - the hospital staff were very good however it was my Mum who came and helped me shower and wash my hair that helped me to look at it properly with her and this really broke the ice.
Stay positive and just think that once the op is over the cancer can no longer cause any more problems and the rest of the treatment will be preventative measures

Not sure I got the ps message so please enlighten me!

All for now


Hi sharon Hi Sharon
So glad you are feeling well…and that you are coping well with the aftermath!!!
Im poorly with a cold…great timing…hoping ill be better by thurs.
The p.s…you left a message for me titled “for annafiz” i replied and its now just below after i managed to cut and paste it from other bit, wasnt sure if you had read it…esp bit re bcpals…as if you want we can send private messages…ie exchange email and tel nos etc…
Lots of love Anna xxx

Hi Sharon…
Sending you loads of love…im so sorry it wasnt better news…im not surprised you are feeling emotional…but let it come out…i have had a couple of days when ive just sobbed off and on all day…the following day was much better…its really weird you can contain it for so long and then suddenly out it comes…you are going thru such a stressful journey at the moment with major developments every few days…the mastectomy being the next one!!! I will be thinking of you on thursday!!!
Keep strong and positive…i know it feels terrible but at least the little nasty cells had only made it into 1 lymph gland…im sure the fact it wasnt in any of the others is positive news and the chemo will stop any further spread!!
So gald you have fantastic support around you, make sure you use them!!
Glad you had a fab time away too…ive had a lovely weekend and for a short time felt like me not me with bc!!!
My op date…10th May…quicker than i was expecting…now terrified about op and pain afterwards not to mention the scarring.
Have you found bcpals website yet…i think you would find it very useful. It also allows private messaging so that you can xchange email and telephone details if you feel it would help…id be really happy to chat via email or phone if you felt it would be of some help.
Loads of love and im sure your smile will resurface soon…just remeber its normal and good for you to let the sadness and worry come out!!!
Loads of love and positive thoughts
Anna xxx