Sharp stabbing pain to find 2 small bean shaped lumps?

Hi everyone, I am awaiting my fast-track appointment date after seeing my GP this week.  My attention was drawn to a couple of small, very hard, bean shaped lumps after I had a sharp stabbing pain in my right breast. The lumps are located on the outer, lower side of my right breast, quite low down and there appears to be a small indent also. I am clinging on to the fact that 9 out of 10 lumps are benign but also worried about what to expect.  I am thankful for the sharp pain (whatever that was??) which made me check my breast.  Has anyone had any similiar experience regarding this type of pain? It has only happened once more and now nothing.

Hi JayCee

Please try post in out Ask Our Nurses section, they will be able to help you,

Best wishes
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