Hi everyone,

Can I ask please, I was diagnosed with bc just over a week ago and am waiting for a mx on 16th Sept - I feel sooooooo tired most of the time and whilst I know Ive not been eating properly, just wondered if this is a normal reaction to the ‘news’??

Thanks in advance…


Hi there

I think we are all so different and nothing could be discounted as being other than a normal reaction. It is a traumatic time, and somehow the waiting for surgery or treatment to start can often be the worst, and most tiring. As I said, we all react differently, and your tiredeness is your bodys way of coping right now. Post here as often as you feel the need and someone will always get back to you. Take care. J.

In brief, yes, it’s normal. Pretty much anything is! Some people have found it helpful to get some sleeping tabs from the GP for short term help with getting enough rest. And coming on here too, of course…

Hi. Sooo sorry that you have been dx with bc and joining us on our journeys. If your body is telling you to sleep, the sleep you must! Getting lots of rest will help you relax and cope with whatever comes your way. There are lots of ladies on this site who can, and will give support,love & practical advice, lean on them when you need to! Good luck for the mx and go kick the cancer’s arse! Xxx


i thinkthe reaction to being hit with the BC diagnosis is a bit like the fight or flight reaction to any percieved danger. Just more extrememe and personal. The flight is when you just feel numb and retreat into yourself and feel as if you are in a bubble walking through a film script,or just want to curl up in bed and pull the covers over and the fight is the tears, anger house cleaning and other active reactions.

tiredness can be a self preservation action, or it can be as a result of the extreme emotional shock and worry of what is going to happen. Not eating is another type of primative bodily response to shock ( not mine unfortunately) I do know if I am ill the only thing I fancy is soup.

Just accept however it is your body is wired to cope. Forget all the claptrap about being brave and posative. Go with your emotions. If you cannot cope with work and have understanding employers get a sick note, if you cannot cope with continuing to run a household, start to let go wherever you can (you are going to need help to cope with the mx anyway)

Surgery is quite traumatic so the more rested you can be beforehand then the better you will recover.

so sorry that you have had to join this club. Its a great bunch of people and there is always something on here to make you feel better about where you are.

Hi for quite a few months before I was diagnosed in 2009 I felt really tired and fatigued as if my body was telling me something was wrong. Take as much rest as you need rest before the op will benefit you after. Try and eat if your appetite has gone soup with veg from the cook chill cabinet is good. You will get lots of support and tips on here.

thank you everyone x Ive had a good day today - been shopping and for a walk and felt upbeat!!! first time since diagnosis - hopefully Ill have more days like this… x

You’ll have good days, you’ll have bad days, you’ll have absolutely horrible days and completely fantastic days. The thing is, it can be a bit difficult knowing what to expect when you wake up in the morning, so it’s really tiring being on that rollercoaster.

Glad you had a good day today, there are plenty more good days for you, so make the most of them when you get them, and just batten down the hatches when you have a bad one and come on here to let off steam!

Hi, Glad you had a good day and hope all goes well. As Choccimuffin says you will have good days, bad days and truly awful days so do make the most of the good days and remember the bad ones don’t last for ever.

Interestingly like Sunflower I too was shattered and struggling with fatigue for two to three months prior to my diagnosis. I have had chemo first which finished four nearly five weeks ago and am waiting for surgery in October. In the past week I have started to feel my energy levels rise and the brain fatigue lift. Interested to know if others had felt overly tired prior to dx.

C x