shaving after slnb?

Hi everyone.
I was wondering when everyone starting shavibg underarms after having a slnb. Are we allowed to use an electric shaver? Im 2 weeks post op. Going fir results and post op chexk on tues, really don’t wanna have a hairy armpit if I dont gave to lol.
Any advice much appreciated.
Hugs xx

Hi. This is a good question. After 4 weeks I used exfoliating cream and avoided the area round scar.  Now 6 weeks after op I’m not sure if it’s ok to go ahead as normal or to continue avoiding the scar. X

Hi Hay578 and hijaqs
There is some information about shaving your axils following surgery in the following publication ‘Reducing your risk of lymphoedema’ :

Thank you for your replies. Hugs xx