sheldon bloody cooper would have bother tryin to post on this site


Hi sorry about the post. What ever happened to just writing something. Anywho. I went to the docs with a lump I thought was quite obvious. He totally dismissed it and told me I was too young. Time passed and something was nagging at me and I got a second opinion. Two days later was diagnosed with agressive bc. 3 different tumors and spread to noids. My husband is adament ive been misdiagnosed. Some advice please. Or if anyone has been through the same xx

hi Baps,
So sorry to hear what you’ve been through, it sounds like the first dr made an assumption about your age & did not action it as it should have been, so thank goodness you persisted. When you feel up to it, a complaint seems in order.
Baps, there is loads of support here, so if you want to do go to the ‘newly diagnosed’ thread, as that’s the best place to post in the early days of diagnosis, this thread is not in the best place to be seen.
Also, there is the ‘going through treatment’ board where you will be able to chat to others foing through treatment at the same time as yourself.
If you need to, there is the helpline number at the top of this page, so do give the lovely team a call if you need to talk things through.
Do come & chat or vent on the threads mentioned above whenever you need to. There is lots of support here for you.
sending hugs
ann x

Baps, just to clarify, do go to the ‘I am recently diagnosed’ board, then go to ‘Diagnosed with breast cancer’ where you will be able to chat or vent to others at the stage you’re at, or further down the road.
ann x