Shine Half marathon (walk) Glasgow

Just a quick note to all the lovely ladies on here who wished me well for the above event which took place last night. I completed in just under 4 hours and raised around £1200 for research into breast cancer.

I was walking for each and every one of YOU and I so hope that’s not cheesy, cheap or patronising to say.

Hugs everyone!

Well done! Sorry didn’t wish you well, not been very good this week after 2nd FEC, hope you have a rest today x

Revcat, fantastic achievement and very much appreciated, Simone xxx

Hi Angela… today is the one day I week I work and then only for an hour :wink: Hope you soon feel better as you move into FEC week 2/3

rest tomorrow…

Well done all of you who did it. A young lad I know whose mother has BC was there too. He raised over £1500.

Well done RevCat xx

Well done Rev Cat, are you still taking sponsors?

Hope you have finished the one hour’s work for the week ;0) and can get your feet up and glow! Well done, that Rev!


Fantastic achievement! A huge well done & a massive amount raised!

Enjoy your well earned rest! What’s next on the agenda for you???!!

Dugsy x

WOW brilliant news Revcat. Thankyou.

Thank you ladies, Jo C if you look at my profile there’s a link to my blog and thence to my sponsorship page… not allowed to put links in here I believe. Thank you that’s kind - though I wasn’t fishing for money

Yamslass that’s fantastic! It was a great night with 3000 walkers for various areas of cancer research

Hi RevCat

Well done on raising a fantastic amount of money.

Sorry i will not be able to meet you in person on 1st October due to a prior appointment. You always have such positive posts.

Hope to catch up with you next time the Glasgow/Ayrshire group decide to meet.

Love Anne

Thats amazing Revcat, well done you x

Thanks RevCat, well done! X