Hi, just wondering if anyone can help a little. I’ve found a lump on my right breast two weeks ago. My breast was aching so accidentally came across the lunp. Without realising, a few months ago my nipple was so so painful to touch and I don’t know if it was connected. It never entered my head to check my breasts at that point. (I can’t believe how stupid I was!) anyway, I’m 38 years old and I went to my GP last week because not only did I have the lump , but on the same side but on my back I had a horrible burning sensation and pain. When at my GP’s they diagnosed shingles (and gave me medication for it) and also confirmed the lump - gp said it was pea shape and has referred me to be seen which will be within two weeks. I’m such a laid back person and telling my partner and mother that I’m fine and not worried, but im actually worried sick. Why would my immune system be low to get shingles in the first place? I’ve read on google from posts years ago that shingles could be a sign of an underlying condition - I tell everyone who is ill never to look at the Internet, but it’s the first thing I did - such a wally.
The not knowing and waiting is the hardest, I’d like to know one way or the other and deal with whatever it is… Just feel so awful :frowning: x

I’ve just realised this is in the wrong place but can’t delete it, sorry

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Hi Trulymadly,don’t worry where you post people will see your post wherever it is.Hard I know, but try not to let your mind run away with itself and definitely stay away from Google !!Good chance your lump is nothing sinister and shingles is the explanation for other symptoms .Do you have appointment for clinic yet ?

It’s not silly,it’s scary and until you get some reassurance you can’t help but be anxious .Glad you have given yourself a google ban!!Let us know how you get on.

Just thought I’d put an update just incase someone has had similar symptoms etc.
I went to the breast clinic today and had an ultrasound. The lump I’ve found is nothing to worry about, just tissue etc, and the stinging I had under my armpit was more related to the shingles than the lump.
The lady doing the ultrasound was lovely and after confirming the lump was nothing she went on to check the rest of my breast (only the one) and said she found a small shadow (opposite the lump under my nipple) and wants me to go back in 3 months time to give it time to present itself so she can see what it is.
Although I have no idea what that means, I’m just taking it that if there was anything to worry about they would deal with it now not in 3 months time.
So good news I guess X