Has anyone come down with shingles after surgery. I had WLE and then Re-excision 3 weeks later. Then shingles reared it’s head. Apparently due to trauma of surgery ?

Hi Boobywoo,


I’ve had shingles (before BC) it’s horrible. Really sorry to read that your started after surgery. I had a WLE and SNB and luckily it didn’t happen again.


In chemo I did have a horrible outbreak of cold sores over my face.


Hope the shingles clears up quickly for you and doesn’t come back.


I have HSV 2 in my lower back - misdiagnosed for 20 years as Shingles…  I take a low dose of Acyclovir (200mgs daily) daily as I really dont need PHP pain on top of a break out.


maybe talk to you GP about getting it prescribed for you