Shock ! called in hospital

Hi all , got a shock this late afternoon 3.30 pm , Specicalist rang and as me to go in to walton tomorrow they have booked me in for opertion( Tumour Removed) on FRiday , really scare now cant sleep1.26 am just poped table to try and help sleep… hope i get up … I have been reading up on poor sue ,i do hope she gets sorted in hospital, will be back soon xxx sophie thanks for advise all … .

Sophie, wishing you every possible success with this surgery. They certainly havent given you much time to stress out on this one.


Sophie - Hope you managed to get some sleep and that everything goes well with your operation. As Dawn says, although it’s a shock at least you haven’t time to mull it over too much, often the waiting is the worst time. Please let us know how you are when you feel up to it. Good luck. Sarah x


Good luck with your operation and I hope that everything goes well for you and that you are back posting as soon as it is possible for you.

Take good care

Good luck with your op Sophie


All the best for your operation! You might as well be in hospital in all this bad weather so that, when the weather turns, you will be recuperating in the sunshine - well here’s hoping anyway.

Positive thoughts on the way to you…


Hi Sophie.
We are thinking about you … of course you are scared who wouldn’t be but honestly Lisa was fine and had a big tumour removed in a dangerous spot. She was in a terrible state that morning … the only time I have seen her really scared … not helped by the fact that neurosurgeon kept saying that she may wake up with speech and memory problems because of where the tumour was. She didn’t by the way. Anyway she remembers nothing from when they took her down until she woke up in ward later. I have never seen a grin so wide and she had no pain anywhere when she came round. I told you before that they let her home 2 days later … black eye but otherwise OK.
Her current probs are not to do with the removal of that tumour … that all went fine and still is fine. Her problems now seem to be with her neck and shoulders from something else … we will know more after MRI.
Keep pecker up … it will soon be over.
Love Sue xx

Hi Sophie,
good luck with operation.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Sophie,

If it is Walton as in Walton/Fazakerley Hospital in Liverpool where you will be having your surgery, then you will be in very good hands - the neurosurgeons we have dealt with as a family are Paul May and Connor Mallucci - on another thread you mention Mr Broadbelt - I think we have also dealt with him (very tall guy). They are very professional, dedicated and incredible surgeons. Will be thinking of you and your children on Friday - hope all goes well. Love xxxx

Good Luck with the operation


good luck sophie I’m thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery


Good Luck Sophie all the best for your operation and I hope the weather will be sorted when you get out and about.


Hope everything goes well Sophie, wishing you well and back home as soon as possible.


Good luck Sophie. Have a speedy recovery and hope to see you back on here asap.


Hi Sophie
I’ve only just read this thread. I hope everything goes well. I’ve just been dx with brain tumour starting radiotherapy on Monday. Is it Walton, Liverpool? I live in Crosby.
Take Care
Liz x

So sorry to read you are going to be going through this as well, Liz. Best of Luck and hope all goes sooo well on Monday.


Hi Sophie,
just wondering how you are doing and when you’ll be fit enough to use a computer again! Hope all went really well and you are feeling okay
love Jacquie

Hi Sophie
Just the same as Jacquie really. Been thinking of you, hope your doing well.
Take lots of care.
Liz x