This week I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately I was reassured it is very small and early stage. Thank goodness for routine mammogram screening. I have my surgery on 29th July and the depending on the histology I may need further surgery. Radiotherapy was also mentioned. I have extensive family history of B.C on my paternal side but was told at consultation it is carried down the maternal line. I am doubting this theory as there are no instances on my ancestral maternal line. Anyone else experienced this? D x

Hello @DLB  

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis 

Like you I was very grateful for the screening programme as like you mine was very small and caught very early (before I could see or feel anything)

My diagnosis was 12 months ago: I’ve absolutely no family history on either side of my family.
Conversely my husband’s grandmother was diagnosed in her 50’s (and lived to 96): none of her 3 daughters or 5 granddaughters have been diagnosed with BC (as yet!) : I’m not saying family history doesn’t play a part but I’m not sure it’s necessarily as significant as they think (unless the BRCA gene is present) 

AM xxx

Breast cancer can definitely be inherited from the father’s side. Of course it can. 50% of our genes come from him. But it is worth it to say that very few breast cancers are actually inherited. I think 10% at this point can be linked to inherited genes. 

I think it is worth considering a huge number of breast cancers are not hereditary…