Shocked and scared

Hello, I am really struggling. I was referred to a breast clinic after an emergency referral from the doctor. I felt a large lump in my right breast about 7 weeks ago after what seemed like an inflammation and tenderness. I passed it off as a possible infection but on this Monday 7th, I ended up with a triple assessment including 5 biopsies ( 2 from breast and 3 in lymph nodes) the radiologist said she could see ‘thickening’ in my lymph nodes, I was not expecting that! The ‘lump’ is 4cm and feels smooth and round, behind my nipple. It felt really angry and painful during the examinations, like a searing heat, but otherwise it’s quite calm… When the consultant saw me after she said they didn’t want to see what they saw on my scans and that I’ll need to have surgery on my breast and on lymph nodes. She also said about my treatment being ‘managed’. I left without asking a single question as I was completely shocked.  All in all I’m absolutely convinced I have breast cancer… it seems a long shot that they don’t know what they’re experts in. Has anyone here had a similar experience and it turned out benign? Can cancer be extremely likely without biopsy results? The uncertainty and wait is awful. My results are scheduled for December 23rd @10.30am


I can totally relate to how shocked and scared you are feeling right now. It’s is such an uncertain time and the waiting is agony. But please do try and stay positive and make sure you pull on any support you can from your family and friends. I had a quick referral from the GP with 1 tiny lump in my chest. At my first hospital appointment I ended up having endless mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies. Then went back for a breast MRI scan. I too left very scared and didn’t ask any questions. The consultant did say there could be other explanations and not to worry. To cut a long story short, they had found 3 lumps in my left side and 1 in my right. I was filled with dread each time when waiting for results. I did have cancer on my left side but the right side was a fibrodenoma thankfully. So there is always hope that it might not be cancer for you. I am now almost 4 weeks post op and it’s great to know that those tumours have now been removed. The specialists are amazing and have supported me every step of the way. I will be keeping everything crossed for you to get positive results.  Try to relax if you can and be kind to yourself. 
Take care x

Hi PeonyRose9 - a big hug from me and welcome to the forum, I hope we can all help get you through this horrible waiting time. The only thing I would add to the other lovely messages you have already had - do try to stay away from Dr Google, come and chat on here instead. In fact anytime you just want to chat or offload, please do. Evie xx

Thinking of you on your results day, sending big hugs x