Shocked that 2nd sneaky tumor found

Finally got pathology results after a four week wait post op, had thought got 8mm grade one invasive carcinoma and it turns out surgeon found a second tumour, a 12mm lobular carcinoma, hiding round the back! Whilst I’m pleased they got clear margins and nothing in the lymph, I can’t get excited because I’m so scared that this second one was hiding there all along… surgeon was as surprised as me to find it…and now I feel I should be chuffed but instead I’m frightened because what’s to say there isn’t a similar one hiding in other breast? Don’t show up on mammogram or ultrasound. And clearly now I’ve got form…any advice welcome. I feel ungrateful and mixed up

Hi , lobular cancer is notorious for not showing up on mammograms - it usually needs an MRI to confirm it’s existence and it’s size . Brilliant news your surgeon found it and got clear margins . If you are really worried maybe you could push for an MRI on the other breast ?