Shooting pain trapped nerve!! Should I worry ??

Hi all laid in bed in pain. Started today pain around coxix area n into hip n shooting down my leg n back of knee all way down. I kno it’s prob a trapped nerve but I’m 2years n 4 months since diagnosis have mild lymphodemia in breast and arm down Tht side n just panicking. If its caused by anything else I had a bone scan in jan and was ok but th pain at th moment is excruciating My daughters been ill for over 4 weeks n Im taking her bac t th docs tmoro t try n get them to do sumthin. N this is th last thing I needed any help or advice gravely appreciated. I’m negative. So not on any medication x rozita

Rozita - I’m no expert but that sounds an awful lot like sciatica to me. Perhaps you’ve lifted your daughter or been bending over awkwardly to care for her. I’d get along to the GP as you probably need to get some strong painkillers for that and hopefully the GP can put your mind at rest.

I hope you won’t mind me saying but I’ve noticed that you seem to get very anxious about lots of different parts of your body and thinking the worst. Believe me, I’m not being critical as I do really understand that but I wonder if it’s stopping you from moving on with your life? That anxiety is so terribly draining and it’s been a battle for me too. Have you considered having some counselling? I think half the battle is a psychological one.

take care and a big hug
Elinda x

I kno it’s prob sciatica I just wondered if anyone had any experiences of this and obv ther cud b a prob bcos of this disease even tho I do t think it is. Ur I’m not pathetic n paranoid all th time. If u actually knew me as a person I don’t come accross that way at all I thought this site was wer I could come on and ask things and not b treated like paranoid didn’t expect t b treated like that on here x rozita

Hi rozita, it does sound like sciatica,I had this a while ago and couldn’t put my foot down on the ground properly coz of the pain.Also having a clear bone scan in January is reasuring.I would get it checked out for peace of mind if nothing else. And this is the place to come to air your worry’s and ask for advice.Think we all have that “what if” feeling everytime we get a ache or pain,it’s only natural.I don’t think Elinda was being critical or accusing you of being paranoid but being caring and concerned.Sometimes its hard to know what someone is meaning when it’a written down.(took me a while to learn that lol)

best wishes Melxx

Hi rozita
I agree with Elinda and Mel, it does sound like sciatica.  Could the lymphodaema be making a trapped nerve feel even worse?
With regard to Elinda’s comments please don’t be upset. She has never been anything but caring and thoughtful on this website, she is just concerned about you. 
I seem to remember that your mum died of cancer.  That must have been awful. Being diagnosed as triple neg with no follow up treatment after surgery, radio and chemo, must have left you feeling very alone.  You have a lot on your plate and I’m not surprised that you worry so much.  I think that Elinda’s suggestion of seeing someone to talk it through is very sensible.  I see someone every couple of weeks and I think she’s great.  Wouldn’t be without her
Take care Hun

Rozita - I’m so sorry if I came across as critical, that’s the very last thing I intended. I am only speaking from personal experience to say that I got myself very anxious about every ache and pain and found that anxiety very draining. It wasn’t until my surgeon sat down and told me to stop worrying or I wouldn’t move on with my life that things changed for me. Getting through treatment was one thing but not worrying about cancer was quite another.

Thanks Mel and Tillycat for your comments I really do appreciate that.
Rozita - apologies again.
Elinda x

Hi Rozita, have you thought about giving the BCC helpline a ring, or, they also have a Ask the Nurse service you could use for getting an opinion on your symptoms. None of us think you are paranoid, we care and that’s why Elinda suggested maybe looking into further support. I think all of us can empathise with you, we all know the distress and fear these symptoms bring. My team said treat any new pain with painkillers, if it’s still there after two weeks and does not respond to pain meds get in touch with your GP or BCN. Big Hug. X

Thnx for all your comments I was just a bit stressed at being kept awake n having my daughter still off school n not well I kno it’s just sciatica iv got lots of painkillers n a couple of glasses of wine tonight should help I think everything seems worse in th middle of th night but I do kno it’s just that thnx. X rozita

Pain the middle of the night up with sick children, how wouldn’t be stressed and worried?.. Be kind to yourself! Hope your daughter gets better, my youngest had the sore throat bug last week and none of us got much sleep!