Short of breath

I finished my last session of Docetaxel 4 weeks ago and I don’t feel I’m recovering my fitness. Am I being over ambitious? I started to feel stronger about 2 weeks after my last dose but now at 4 weeks I don’t feel I have made any further progress. Most everyday activities are ok but sometimes just walking up the stairs makes me short of breath and my thigh muscles burn when I exert myself. I was very fit before treatment and maintained a low level of fitness during treatment but now feel less able to exercise than I did during treatment.

Am I expecting too much??

Tracy’p give your bc nurse a ring and have a chat with them about the breathlessness, your team are there for you with anything. We all have different ‘ping’ back journeys do don’t put too much pressure on yourself ???:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi Tracy,

I had my final treatment 4 weeks ago and I’m having exactly the symptoms that you describe.  I’ve been very down as I expected to feel better than this. 

How are you feeling now?


I don’t know whether to ring nurse as I may be experiencing too much, too soon. I can’t imagine feeling normal again.  I start radiotherapy next week too.