Should all fibroadenomas be removed?

Should all fibroadenomas be removed?

I have recently had two tumors removed from right breast. My initial triple test results were inconclusive as to whether the one lump that was tested was a Fibroadenoma or a Phyllode. Only one lump was biopsied the other was left.

Today I got my post op results. The lump that was tested was a fibroadenoma and the larger one (near nipple) was described as some other fibroadenoma (consultant said it so fast I didn’t catch what he said properly, but it was a very long name with fibroadenoma at the beginning ???)

Whilst at the appt with my consultant I asked him to check my left breast as I couldn’t tell if I had found another. He confirmed that he could feel another one, so on the 28th Oct I will have this one scanned too and possibly biopsied.

So I am asking should all fibroadenomas be removed because this third lump could be another one.

If the second triple test comes back like the first one, and was inconclusive on new lump, then I think I would have it removed. But if triple test says fibroadenoma should it be removed?

I have read on other sites that leaving fibroadenomas can slightly increase the risk of BC. Some sites say fibroadenomas might turn into Phyllodes.

I know I’m jumping the gun here but would like to know what others have done when they have had multiple fibroadenoma.

hi, personally i would say yes, remove the fibroadenoma. My breast lump was diagnosed as a fibroadenoma back in December, i was advised it didnt need anything doing to it. It then grew, i went back in June, it was then diagnosed as a grade 3 cancer. The misdiagnosis would have been found back then and easier to deal with.

i hope this helps

Hi Anna

thank you for replying

I have heard of misdiagnoises quite a few times, and like I said in my last post, it makes me think I sould have it taken out regardless. But my consultant made me feel small when I kept asking questions, saying to me that I have nothing to worry about (I’m sure he would say that to his wife!0

I should be happy with the results I have so far but instead I am v.tearful at the moment, a weird mixture of fear and relief.

Hi, i know how you feel, back when they diagnosed a fibroadenoma i was made to feel like i was fussing about nothing, i do kinda wish now id have made more of a fuss. Hindsight is a great thing. Also with me they didnt do a mammogram or ultrasound so only did part of the assessment they are supposed to do.
good luck with everything, i hope it goes well.


I have had three fibroadenomas removed. I am now facing the same question that you are. I now have found another one. I also have a tiny round lump that I’m guessing could be a calcium deposit? I remember one Dr. who told me that if I keep removing them , I won’t have any breast tissue left. My trusted surgeon said that the only reason to remove them is because of the rare possibility of cancer cells growing under the lump, making it harder to detect. I am glad they are out and my wonderful surgeon was able to make the incision around the nipple so that the scar is very hard to see.

Hi Anna and jdine

I have spoken to some friends and quite a few said that if they were me they would have it removed. Every time I talk about it I am in tears and then feel guilty coz I know I’m lucky and theres some brave women out there going through worse.

I have made my mind up, I am having it removed regardless of what it is. Its nearly three weeks since the other two were removed and even though initially I was in a lot of pain, it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined. My incision is around my nipple too.

My mammogramme didn’t show anything, but the ultrasound did. So wished I asked them then about my concerns about other breast. One of lumps I had removed I didn’t know about until ultrasound, I couldn’t feel it, nor can I tell for sure I had a third, until my consultant confirmed so my fear of leaving it in is how will I tell if its changed.

No I have made my mind up, it’s comming out… will now have to persuade my consultant

In my opinion,they should all be removed and analysed,purely from my own friends experience.The breast unit told her that her lump was fibrous tissue and didnt really need to come out unless she requested it,she felt that it shouldnt be there so take it out,although she was toying with the idea of leaving it though.After they removed it,it turned out to be grade three cancer,oest pos,if she hadnt had it removed she wouldnt be with us today,that was five yrs ago,shes now a healthy 31 yr old that had mastectomy.xx


I have been reading these posts with interest and it is good to hear other ladies opinions.

I was diagnosed with a fibroadenoma in April and told that it didn’t need to be removed which I felt fine about. However, I’ve been getting some aching and twinging around it - is this normal? Also, this breast seems to have got larger than the right, though the lump feels the same size. Sometimes I wish they’d take it out so it is gone!

Is the occasional pain and aching ‘normal’?

I would say all fibroadenomas should be removed.

I had surgery to remove a benign fibroid in September 2006 after having a triple assessment where all of the test results came back clear. At the time I was told it was benign I was asked what I wanted to do about it and was told it did not have to be removed. However, I had already decided I hated the fact this lump was in my body and I wanted to be rid of it. Good job, the week after surgery I went to have the dressings removed and the surgeon told me they had found a tumour hidden under the middle of the fibroid. I went back 3 weeks later to have my lymph nodes out and it was in 1 out of 22; I then found out it was an aggressive stage 3 cancer, hormone negative but Her2 positive.

I’m now 3 years down the line and am thankfully currently fit and well. However, it has been very difficult coming to terms with the fact I was told by the surgeon “you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have cancer” followed by him saying a month later “it was a good job we removed this lump because we have found a cancer”. I just remember sitting there saying “oh, I didn’t expect to hear that today” because I was thinking about going on holiday the following week. It was to visit friends in Spain and I cancelled it; I still have not been and my husband visited on his own late last year as I could not face the journey.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts with the rest of us on this thread.

I had a suspected fibroadenoma removed 12 days ago. I will get my results tomorrow. I am just hoping they have my diagnosis right. I didn’t have a biopsy - we went straight for removal.

I have been so scared through this entire process. My consultant is fine but I have felt patronised at times - particularly when I insisted on its removal. His attitude was “well for very anxious ladies, like yourself, then this is the best option.”

Having read the opinions of others on here (and elsewhere) I am so pleased I have made the decision to remove. In fact, even the doctor who conducted my ultrasound scan said that, in my position, she would opt for removal too - purely because the only way to be 100% certain of the true nature of a lump is full removal and analysis.

Thanks again for sharing and best of luck to everyone going through this shitty process right now.

hi there

i would say yes because im in the same postion as you i have had 27 removed and i m due to have some more out soon but i did have one that couldnt make out what is it later turned to fibroadenoma with pre changes to it dont be afarid to ask your surgeon questions thats what there for i hope that your surgery goes well and
because what i have found in between having lumpectomies the longer i have been kept wating for having them out the more i have grown in the space of time and i agree that this is a shitty process and like i said your surgeon is there to help and be asstive with them because you have just as much right to be helped

from katy x

Oh I am soo confused now. I had made my mind that I was going to have the new lump removed what ever it was. But that was before my second sonnagramme on Wednesday (28th Oct) which revealed that I have multiple tumors which look like typical Fibroadenomas(I lost count, think there were 10 or more) and several tiny cysts. They are scattered all over my left breast, all about 1cm. I have had one biopsied as it doesn’t quite fit the typical shape of a Fibroadenoma. I will get the results next Wednesday.

I’ve been geting quite a bit of shooting pain in my left arm pit, and under my left breast which is where the lump that was biopsied was found.

I was not expecting Multiple Fibroadenomas! 2 or 3 maybe but not 10. Now I dont know what to do. Ideally I would like them all removed but as they are scattered all over the place then that will be impractical. If the biopsy comes back inconclusive as before, than that one and any close by I would like out. As for all the others then I doubt my Consultant will remove, and tell me to keep a check on them, but I find them really hard to find.

Katy (starsforever), you have had 27 removed. How many ops have you had and how big were the tumors?

Thanks for taking your time to read my post.


my left breast was frequetly affected by fibroadenomas, but I was assured each time when they were investigated that they were harmless. However, last year after fealing a palpable lump I was diagnosed with bc in the same breast. I understand that there is little evidence to support any link between fibroadenomas and breast cancer, it does make me wonder though.

I would feel soo much happier if all of the lumps were removed, but I think my consultant would think I’m crazy! My problem is I can’t feel the damm things, I only detected the first one in my right breast because it was painful and I just had a hunch that there was something in the left.



did your clinic keep an eye on you or did you have to be referred back to them each time you discovered another one?


Hi ladies - intesting thoughts about fibro whatsits… I had one diagnosed 2 years ago and was told no need for further action/follow up appt etc. Then about 2 months ago I thought it felt a different shape and slightly larger so got a GP referral to the brest clinic whch was amazingly quick (3 days!) the consultant didn’t say very much other than to come back for mammo and core biopsy which happened about two weeks later. The Radiologist was lovely and whilst doing the ultasound also found 3/4 cysts in the same breast I didn’t even know I had. She took the biopsy from the fibro and was very reassuring that there was nothing suspicious and I didn’t expect to hear from the clinic again other than no follow up. Today I had a letter to go in and see the consultant in couple of weeks…so am now worried that they did find something. Should I ask to have it out anyway? I don’t know what to expect really, I guess if they had found cancer cells I would have been called back by now, as its about 4 weeks since the biopsy it can’t be that urgent. Will try not to think to much about it until the day (16th Nov). It’s so nice to look at this site nd know there are other ladies out there also worried. Stay strong everyone! HUGS :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,

I was diagnosed with a fibro whatsit three years ago. I didn’t have it removed as I was told there was no need to.

In the last year or so, I started to think about having it removed. I have received a letter and am about to chose a date in the next month to get it taken out. It is about the size of a walnut in it’s shell now. It didn’t go away by its self as I had hoped…

It’s a personal decision to make but judging from some of the experiences I have read on here and on other forums, for me it’s not worth taking the risk leaving it there.

I’ve been reading the previous post and wanted to know if anyone can give me some advice. I was diagnosed with a Fibrodeama in my right breast on Monday (about 2.4cm by 1.2cm in size). They did a triple assessment and the ultra sound dr said it had all the charactaristics of a fibrodeama. The did a fine needle aspiration the results of which I get next week. I was given the choice to visit the clinic to get my results or be told over the phone. I requested a phone call. However, I have had a lump and pain in my right armpit for a while, which I put down to my underwire bra’s? However, I’m now worried that this may not be the case and the consultant didnt check that specific area and as I was more concerned with the lump in my breast I didnt really mention it! I’m now wondering whether I should ask to go to the clinic for my results and get the consultant to check my armpit more thoroughly, or am I just being paranoid? Any advice would be great

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice as I’m concerned. I was diagnosed with a Fibroadenoma in my right breast on Monday after finding a lump 4 weeks ago. I had a triple assessment and at the ultra sound they were very confident it was a Fibroadenoma but did a Fine Needle Aspiration. I was relieved that they were so confident and I get my results next week.

However, Ive had a lump in my right armpit which is constantly sore - ive previously put this down to wearing underwired bra’s! I put this on my questionnaire before I went to the clinic but they didnt read this and I think I was dismissive of my armpit as I was more concerned with my lump. The consultant only briefly checked my armpit but not where I feel the lump.

I was given the choice of coming back to the clinic for my results or to be informed by letter, we agreed that they would telephone me with the results backed up with a letter.

I have now become increasingly worried about my armpit. Am I being paranoid? I’m thinking of ringing the clinic to ask if I can come in for my results and ask the consultant to check my armpit again, what do you think?

I’m confused and worried

Hi Shelly

I had/have a very similar situation to you. After a triple assessment ending in a core biopsy in April, I was diagnosed with a Fibroadenoma. I too had some swelling and discomfort in one armpit which was not really looked at by the hospital. I meant to mention it when I went for the results but was so relieved it was benign, I forgot to. It still played on my mind so in the end I went back to my GP. She examined me really thoroughly and set my mind at ease completely. I hope you get good results, and I think that if anything is worrying you, you should definitely ask the clinic for a follow-up appointment, or even see your GP for peace of mind once you have the results. Try not to worry too much - the triple assessments are very thorough, but it’s most important that you feel reassured.

Hope that helps a bit, good luck. x