Should I be pushing for a scan or accept it’s ‘just fatigue’?

I was diagnosed March ‘22 and have been though 8 rounds of chemo, double mastectomy, 15 fractions of radiotherapy and 18 Phesgo treatments which finished just over a month ago. I coped reasonably well with the treatment and it wasn’t until radiotherapy that the fatigue really hit and knocked me for six. That was back in November and I’d slowly started to claw my energy back and was feeling ok. I then had my reconstruction in the middle of June and was delighted to have that all sorted. We had a family holiday and I was busy just getting on with life. About four weeks ago I started to feel a bit rubbish with a headache and exhaustion. I saw the GP who prescribed something which didn’t really help the headache so I was put through the CT scanner. Results were all clear but I still just feel awful. I have no energy to do anything and I’m so frustrated as life was getting back on track. Other than the funny head, I don’t have pain anywhere. I’m obviously worrying that something is lurking somewhere and am not really sure what to do about it. My team keep assuring me that fatigue is very normal but why has it hit me so hard after everything has finished when I had been doing so well?! Should I be pushing to have it investigated or just accept it and go with it?


Loulou79 :heart: glad you’ve reached out to the forum :heart:I’m Shi a forum community champion (it’s not currently showing against my name because of the forum upgrade teething issues) but I’d be pushing for scans or something just for peace of mind, but you go with what’s right for you :heart: please keep in touch and let us know how you get on whatever you decide :heart: also maybe get your bloods tested too in case it’s iron deficiency or anything too :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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HI Loulou,

I have often found myself in your situation many times. Our symptoms, whatever they may be—fatigue, chemo brain, pain, and aches—are consistently overlooked by health professionals. It’s as if they anticipate us to be grateful and worship them for the incredible gift they have bestowed upon us through our treatment, which is nothing other than their obligation.

My advice to you is to push, insist, and even consider writing a formal complaint. Wishing you all the best.

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