Should i be worried !!!

Hi i was diagnosed in jan 08 age 34,stage 2 IDC 40mm tumour, grade 2, ER +PR POSITIVE 100% and her 2 positive,i had mastectomy and lymph node clearance, with all nodes clear. I had chemo and radiotherapy and went on the alto trial which i had herceptin and lapatinib. i have had the coil fitted and have had no bleeding since early diagnosis, i have now been bleeding for over a week and have increased discharge. i have all these thoughts running through mind that it may have spread should i be worried.

Hi Penny
I haven’t had a coil, and don’t wish to upset you, but is there a chance you could have been pregnant and could be having an early miscarriage? Ignoring anything BC (I am a newcomer to this disease), this is what it sounds like to me.

Any pain?
You will need to get to the docs to get it checked out if it continues for another day, I would say.

Edited to add: just noticed you said it is your first bleed since diagnosis - maybe it just is delayed periods coming back? If so, a first one is likely to be longer/heavier than before.
Hugs to you
Flora xxx

hi just read your post not got any answers for you i,m in early stages of chemo, just wanted ti say understand your scared and let you know someone will have some words of support soon but sending you big {{{{hug}}}} sheena x

hi penny x dont be to worried but see doc anyway x chemo and radio does things to your periods xx and your coil may be fighting against the new fluids (chemo) and just having a bad recaction xx get the coil out and your body will settle, feel like it is just regeting it at the moment xxx love julie x

Hi flora

My periods have been fairly light for about 10 days,no very heavy bleeding and no pain, i don’t think that i may be pregnant the coil was fitted about 12 mths ago ( well i hope not anyway)