Should I be worried?

I had a lump tested 5 years ago and was told it was fine. I went back to the doctors 2 weeks ago as I thought it had grown. I had a mammogram, ultra sound and biopsy last week (as it had grown from 2 to 3cms )and was told that someone would ring me with results on monday. No one did and I had to phone as I couldn’t stand it any more! The nurse was really unhelpful and just said it was inconclusive. When I asked her what that meant she said “What do you know?” I just told her that the surgeon thought it was a fibrodaneoma but that it wasn’t typical. Hence the biopsy. The biopsy confirmed that it wasn’t one of those but neither could they confirm cancer as it was inconclusive. As the previous test I had said normal straight away does that mean the cells have changed? She said it will have to come out. I’ve now received a letter to have the operation and I’m absolutely passed myself. There were big silences when I spoke to her. I dont know what to do, I have 2 children I am only 45. If there were cancer cells there would they have found them? Can anyone offer any advice please?

PP Surely someone will and should tell you why you are ahving op??? secondly whay type of biopsy as as far as I know that when they do the lump biopsy …can’y think waht it is called they first and formost want to check for cancer… it may be true that the cells that have seen need a ccloser look to confirm that , hencr the op whaen the tissue is rfemoved they can have a good look , seems to me and I know nothing…there are amny on this forun will come forward with help… that if it is cancer and it is that small it is VERY tratable I had BC 15 years ago and was reated mstectomy/chemo/zoladex/tamoxifen etc and not had a problem, being very unlucky I have now got it on the other side and nearing the end of treatment I was 49 a few days ago and was 34 when first dianosed my heart went out to you as I now have 2 kids I married after my first cancer …and they said it was unlikely i would have any!!!..Of course I worry about my future and my kids but I know also that there is life after it all , take a deep breath and phone back and ask 1) what si op for? and 2) will I get appt to discuss it anytime soon?
thinking of you
Jeanette x


Normally when we do a biopsy we get you to come back in clinic to get your results so we can discuss itface to face… We do sometimes have inconclsive results and in this case we would normally o a repeat biopsy… If it’s still inconclusive then we would do what is called an excision biopsy… This like a lumpectomy where they take away the suspicious area and the pathologist looks at th whole thing under the microscope… Occasionally it does turn out there are some cancer cells there but usually it shows pre cancerous changes such as atypic, which isn’t cancer but if left could develop into pre invasive or invasive cancer in time.

Why not phone back an ask if you can get an appointment to discuss your results prior to surgery… You should really have seen a Bcn and had a bit of counselling after thy explianed your results… Hopefully they can organise this all before your surgery.

Take care
Lulu x

Hi girls thank you for your reply. The nurse that I spoke to said that when everyone discussed all of the tests I had had done including the biopsy the Surgeon had said that he would feel more comfortable having the whole thing removed. I asked her if anyone was going to ring me and again there were silences. Its awful, I’m not sleeping, I’m bursting into tears at the slightest thing. I’m getting sharp stabbing pains like someone was digging me with a needle in that area, so my mind is going into overdrive. When I had the mammogram and ultra sound both doctors said they weren’t worried? The surgeon said he wasn’t worried. So my confusion is the results, would something have shown up on either of the scans? Of course I’ve tried to speak to someone today but they cant be in because of the strike. I believe that a biopsy is graded? Would the nurse tell me over the phone if it had come back suspicious? Does anyone know?

Hi Penelope Pitstop and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read that you are feeling so worried, in addition to the support you have here please feel free to call our helpliners for a chat about your concerns, the lines are open today until 5pm and weekdays 9-5, Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000

Take care

Hi, this is what happened to me. 4 years ago I had a discharge blood coming from my nipple, nothing suspicious, had duct cut, no problems, last year found a lump they did a biopsy everything fine, told me fibrodema but told me it must come out, I never questioned why? Fast forward less than a year and another lump same boob but other side and it felt different, it was a small cancer 9mm, I questioned did they miss last year and they said no, but funny enough the gave me a breast mri? My radiologist mentioned that they r doing research about fibrodemas as they just don’t know what 2 do with them? Get it out or request another test. Good luck you will be fine. Can I also say lulu, I have read many of your posts and I’m very impressed with ur knowledge, please keep up the good work although I’m sure u wish u didn’t have a vast of knowledge. Thanks karen xx

Hi there, thanks for all your support girls, its been sooo reassuring knowing that there are people out there that have been or going through the same thing as me and can understand the terror that you feel. I’m hanging onto the possitives. The doctors and surgeon weren’t worried and its only grown 1cm in 5 years. Its the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do keep strong for my children and family. At least it will be coming out and thats a good thing yes? In exactly 2 weeks time it will be out of my body. Whatever it is. thank you girls your posts are incredibly helpful. PPxx

PP, the stabbing pains could be after-effects of the biopsy. I know when I had some biopsies done my poor boob screamed about it for a good while afterwards. So pain after a biopsy isn’t any kind of indication of cancer or not cancer, it’s the reaction to you being stabbed!

Thanks Karen I’m glad my posts are helpful.

PP try to focus on the positives if they we sure it was cancer they would have called you in to discuss it… They would be doing a different op if they thought there was cancer there… They do a wide local excision (similar to and excision biopsy) which takes away the suspicious are plus an area of normal looking tissue surrounding this and they would also so a sentinel node biopsy where they up inject blue dye into your boob and remove a few lymph nodes… If they thought it was going to be cancer they would have to have discussed it with you.

As I said nothing can be ruled out till you get the full results but in your case it’s unlikely… It’s a possibility not a probability.

Take care