Should i be worried?

I had my follow up appointment with the consultant on the 20th feb for the surgery i had in my right breast and on going monitoring of the discharge in the left breast. She took some more slides and ordered an ultrsound on both breasts. I couldn’t have them done that day as there were no appointments. She arranged my follow up appointment for the 4th April to give me my results of the samples, ultrasounds and decision if they are to do the same operation on my left breast.

I finally went for my ultrasound on friday, it was a late afternoon appointment again.and i was taken back a bit. We were chatting and then she went really quiet whist ultrasounding the left breast, she kept going over the same part She then did the right breast and was chatting again. She said my right breast was healing lovely and all looks as it should on that side. She then asked when was i being seen next in clinic, i said 4th April. She then went on to say; sometimes the radioligists may request further tests if they feel an area needs investigating further and told me if i hadn’t heard anything within 2 weeks, to ring the secretary and gave me the phone number. I reiterated, i already had an appointment booked for the results, but she insisted i ring in 2 weeks if i don’t get an appointment. I can’t help think she has seen something on the left breast.

Hi Helen, it is only natural to worry I have got to go for a second appointment after an initial mammogram, and that is worrying me, just remember, you are in good hands, and these people know what they are doing, don’t make yourself Iii with worrying . Take care x

Thank you Jess123. Have had a few referrals to the breast clinic with the right breast but never had a problem with the left side. In the right side i have 2 fibroadenomas, had a breast infection and duct ectasia. I found it strange, she could tell me one side was fine but was vague about the other side. I will call them in 2 weeks. When do you go for your follow up appointment? Xx

No need for me to wait 2 weeks. I received a letter today with an appointment on Tuesday to go for a mammogram. I called the clinic to find out why as and she said an area needs looking at and they need to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s. Said i only had a mammogram in October and she said its what the radiologists has requested. I hate all this waiting and uncertainty. Has anyone else had clear ultasounds/ mammograms and then 5-6 months later something show up?

Forgot to mention, that she said its a longer mammogram and it will take approx 45 mins. The one in october took about 10 mins, so dont know the difference.

Hi there,
I think that you need to keep in perspective that the doctors are very thorough. I know exactly how you feel and how easy it is to let your worries get on top of you.
I had a lump which turned out to be a harmless cyst, but the mammogram showed areas that were concerning. I then had another more detailed mammogram and ultrasound, followed by a core biopsy and a vacuum assisted biopsy. This all took 6 weeks from start to finish and the result was ‘benign breast change’!
I was told to go off and not worry any more! I really did worry a lot…
I am now pleased so much attention was given to me because I feel sure that they have given me a thorough check.
Hopefully you won’t need all the checks I had and that you will get the all clear sooner, but, if you don’t and the tests keep on, they are just being careful and looking out for you.
Best wishes…x

Hi Woozy, Thanks for your message, it must have been really stressful for you. A lot of tests in a short period of time but at least you have had a positive outcome. I am hoping after Tuesday i will have a better idea of whats going on. I have been back under the breast clinic since October for my right side. The problem with my left breast was discovered in December whilst i was having breast surgery on my right breast. Since then, its been a watch and wait to see if i need the same operation on my left breast. I think it must be a more detailed mammogram i am having as its going to take longer. They are being thorough and i can’t fault the service and care i’ve received. Many people complain about the NHS, but really i think we are quite lucky. Take care xx

Hi Woozy & Jess 123,

My appointment for my mammogram is this coming tuesday at 1:45. I am not sure if i will receive my results, they run a one stop clinic on a tuesday but it’s a more detailed mammogram i am going for, so not sure how works. Will probably have to wait but hopefully i will get the results before my next clinic appointment on the 4th April.

Jess123, Hope your appointment goes well on the 19th; you must be feeling uneased by it all I know i am. My 4 children and working keep me busy and helps take my mind off things!

Take care xx

Thank you jess 123, i didn’t sleep much last night, but have been keeping myself busy this morning xx