Should I be worried?

Hi, I have visited my GP this morning with a lump that feels about 2cm x 2cm. Gp thinks it is most likely due to my menstual cycle and has advised I come back in two weeks. The lump is moveable and the gp says quite soft to feel.

I would appreciate any help or advice…I have enquired about going for a private consultation, mammogram and utlrasound costing about ~£520. I am not sure I can wait another two weeks and then a possible further two weeks for an appointment with the breast clinic if the lump has not gone as the Gp suggests it might.

Hi Maxi girl ,I think even if you paid privately you would have to wait for results of any investigations .Your GP must not be overly concerned or he would refer you straight away,if you are not happy go back and tell them how anxious you are and push for an earlier referral .Most likely nothing to worry about but you can’t help but fear the worst can you .Good luck .Jill.