Should i be worried?

Im currently waiting for a phone call from the breast clinic, doctor refered me urgent on the basis of pain and soreness in my boob, disharge and pain around my nipple. (She also said my glands are prominent) so ive had a feel yesterday and under my right nipple and areola i can feel a very large deep indent (i can almost touch my ribs) however i cant feel that on my left, does anyone else have this? Is it a normal part of the breast and just being paranoid becuase if going to tests?


Edit, i feel this when lying down. Theres not really any change i can see visible when sitting up and sotting raising my arms

Thank you x

Hi Blue2222

As you haven’t had a reply from the community yet, I wondered whether our information on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer might be useful: 

While you’re waiting for our appointment, our nurses are also available, you can reach them via

I hope that helps, take care, 

Becca at Breast Cancer Care.