Should I expect a scan in completing treatment?

I am about to have my penultimate chemo and have oncologist meeting in diary. These meetings are so rushed that I’m getting my questions written up now! 

I want to know if patients are offered a scan at the end of chemo (I’m not doing radio)?  I want the reassurance that there is no cancer left in my torso at all. 
I did have clear margins on surgery and no lymph node affected but I was luminal b (ie it was on the move and could hv gone through blood vessels) 

anyone have any experience of a scan post treatment in similar circumstances? I suppose I am trying to gauge whether it’s worth me pushing for one for my peace of mind (if they don’t offer it as standard?) 

Hiyer Pigaletto,

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your question. I didn’t have chemo - but Surgery, rt and tamoxifen - I certainly didn’t have a mammo or scan at the end of treatment, but your situation might be entirely different. I am bumping your post back up, as you’ve not had a reply - hoping that someone sees it who can offer advice.

I had an MRI scan after my last chemo think it was about 4 weeks after is that the scan you mean mine was to determine lump size before surgery.

Ask your breast care nurse if unsure.

Poppy xx